Friday, July 1, 2022

Just for Funsies

Time to change the blog's theme again.  I need to feel like I've accomplished something today.

The drags on my heart and mind remain.  Like Twinnie, I'm trying to keep my little hands busy so as not to plant myself in despair.  Ergo, some random thoughts. 

I'm reading a book about the origins of forensic science, because of course I am.  A discussion of how early scientists developed tests to identify "bodily fluids" (the euphemism to almost end all euphemisms) included the phrase "detached sperm heads."  That tickles me, and I hope to be able to work it into conversation(s) one day.

In the same book is the statement "One can only see what the mind already knows."  I love that, because, as I've said privately, publicly, and in the classroom, "Perception is reality."

If Instagram is the metric, mine is the only dog that doesn't like watermelon.

Then again, I don't like watermelon.  Maybe he's being selfless so I won't feel awkward.


At July 2, 2022 at 4:51 PM , Blogger Kim in Oregon said...

Where are the rest of the sperm bodies? Inquiring minds.


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