Sunday, January 31, 2016


(Pictures and Asking a Question)

My favorite fruits are bananas and peaches, so:
I thought the stitches in this pattern looked sort of like bananas.
I don't have any true peach yarn, but I thought this jacquard would work.

It's a pretty short turn-around, giving prompts on the 27ths and the 3rds of the months, but I'll have another one for you on Wednesday.

Now, my question.  Have any of you ever felted chenille?  My KnitCrate yarn this month is chenille, and the patterns call for felting.  I wouldn't have ever thought to do that, and now I'm anxious to find out what the result might be.

Have a good week, everyone.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good, Good Yarn

Two projects I've been working on lately have been great pleasures, because of the yarns involved.  Unfortunately, I didn't save the label for this one.  I used it to make this hat for sending to Pine Ridge Reservation.  The feel was great, the colors were fun, the pattern was interesting. . .  Good stuff all the way around.

I do know about this yarn, though.  The color name is to the left there, and the manufacturer is Siidegarte.  I'm sure I got it in a KnitCrate shipment.  However it arrived, it is Heavenly to work with.  50% merino, and 50% silk.

It is being used to make another scarf for Harry's Hundred.
The photo from the blog shows the truer color, but not the variations that my picturess do.  My first impulse had been to use it for a hat, but once I got it on the needles, I knew it had to be made into something worn next to the skin.  It is glorious.  I'm saving the skein tag so that I can, maybe, someday, visit the site, and buy something for myself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Color Prompt

Hi, Paloozers!  It's time for your next "assignment."  A small photographic clue first.

Did you guess "basket"?  'Cause if you did, you're way off.

Knit your next square(s) in the color(s) of YOUR FAVORITE FRUIT(S).

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Means

Kathy's Meme!  Join in;  spread the joy!

Today's Monday Meme: Two by Two

* What tempts you most ?  
Your local yarn shop sale or
An online sale?
Oh, online.  Easy.  The choices are practically endless.

* Which do you put off more?
Weaving in ends
or button placement?
I tend to weave in as I go, so, I guess, buttons.

*Winter hats,
Pompom or no pompom? 
I am insanely anti-pom.  I'm not sure why, but, man, I am serious about it.

*Electric blanket or down?
Another easy one;  down.  I'm too hot-natured for electric blankets.

*Travel plans:
pay for the tour or discover on your own?
Discover on my own.

*2016 Vacation plans?
In the works or already bought the tickets?
Nothing yet.

*Photographs: outdoors or indoors?

*Scarf or cowl?
Cowl for looks, but scarf for warmth.  As far as knitting one, probably cowl.  They tend to go a little faster.

I hope none of you are struggling with the weather.  Here's my friend Shari, in her Pennsylvania front yard on Saturday:

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I do so envy folks who get snow.  I know if I had to deal with it on a regular basis, or if I had been through even one snowstorm like the one going on today, that opinion would change.  But I do so love snow.

This is BFF Shari, in Pennsylvania, this afternoon:
I do not envy all the shoveling she and her husband have been doing all day, but something about that looks fun!

Speaking of Pennsylvania, you'll remember (I hope) Philidelphian Bridget's "Harry's Hundred" drive.  I've finished my first of what I hope are several donations --- a simple scarf:

Madeleine went in for another glucose curve yesterday.  Her blood sugar is still higher than the doctor is aiming for, so her insulin dosage has increased.  Everything else looks really good.  And I learned an important lesson from getting Maddie to the Vet School.  When the carrier you are using to transport your pet zips on both ends, make sure both ends are zipped before placing your pet inside.  Otherwise, you will find yourself, flashlight in hand, chasing said pet.

And neither of you will be happy on the ride over.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

You Know, Just In Case

I bought a couple of new bras recently.  Yep, my life is on fire.

The first time I put on one of the new bras, I thought, "Oh, yeah --- this is gonna work.  SO much better than my old bras."

That comfiness turned into PLEASE-let-me-take-this-thing-OFF within three hours.  And as I was taking it off, I thought, "If I'm ever In Control, every man should have to wear a bra for a day.  Or high heels."   (I go back and forth between the two.}

I will never, though, change my wish that every man have one menstrual period.  Just one.  Cramps and all.  Not even a particularly wicked one --- but definitely one with some punch.

Then, to be fair, all women would get to have testicles for one day.  And be hit in them.

My hope would be that Life's Playing Field might be a little more even after those experiences.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Well, I can eat again.  My fever let go for real Saturday afternoon, and I got to come out from under about six layers of clothes, quilts and socks.  Still sleeping a lot, though.

How is your knitting, in general, and Palooza, specifically, coming along?  Here is my square for the current prompt:

My only collar wearers are Rupert and Lily.  His is red and gold, hers is light blue.  The eyelet rows are much prettier off-camera.  Wonder what the next prompt will be?

Still crushed about Alan Rickman.  A lot of people think it ridiculous, mourning someone you never met.  But I am sad, and I will not deny it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 Review: Stealth Mode

The second product sent for me to try this month was this:
A cute little "Snacky Mouse" that dispenses treats as cats swat it around.  Good idea, cleverly done.  There was a problem, however.

Madeleine, you'll remember, has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and is on a very strict diet.  Meaning no treats.  How was I going to test Snacky Mouse without her knowing about it?

It became a rather wicked dance --- me waiting for her to be asleep, or far enough from the kitchen that she might not hear me put the toy down for all the others to try.

Ultimately, I had to adopt "Go back where you were" stance against her while Riley and Erin undertook testing.  Maddie was irritated, naturally.  Riley and Erin were stumped by the toy at first, but, once what was happening dawned on them, they swatted and nibbled to their hearts' content.

So, a definite "yes" from almost everyone involved.  Madeleine refused comment. sends me chosen products to try, and then review, without any financial compensation whatsoever.  My reviews are my own, and truthfully reflect our experiences.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Time for a Color Prompt

Hi there, Palooza-ers.  Your color for your second square should be


For those of you whose pets don't wear collars, use the color of their food bowl, or water dish.

For those of you who don't have pets, this day brings you FREE REIN --- knit with whatever color(s), in whatever stitch(es) your heart desires.

Remember: 6" x 6" squares.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have never done anything but adore Alan Rickman.

Last night --- well, this morning, really --- at 2:06 AM, I woke up so sick that I could barely lift my head off my pillow.  I was freezing, my head was pounding, my temperature was almost 103 degrees.  I had to get up to take some Advil.  When I got back to bed and to sleep, I had a dream about Rickman.
I was taking a class from him, and after one session, I approached him to ask a question.  He invited me to walk with him back to his office, where we could discuss in comfort.  Not too very long after our discussion began, he was called away.  He excused himself, and said he'd be right back.  But, he didn't come back, and that's when I woke up.

And, awake, I found out he is gone, and not coming back.

Long May He Reign

Our only two-time Knitters' Hunk winner.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Those of you who are mothers know the particular pains and struggles that having a sick child cause.  These continue as long as one is alive, and when your children and you live in the same city, they are up close and personal.

Monday, Briton called, saying he had been throwing up all day, was achy all over, and had a fever of 103 degrees.  Both of his housemates were gone, and there was no Gatorade or chicken soup or saltines or anything pseudo-medicinal in the house.

I went to Kroger, made a delivery to him, stayed for a little while (we Southerners are well-trained in sitting with sick people), then kissed him on the forehead as I left.  (A mom trick to double-check temperature.)

Today, I'm at 101 degrees, with stomach cramps, pain in my joints, and a thumping headache.  Briton's limping back to work tonight;  let's see how long this thing keeps me down.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lemme See If I Remember the Last Time. . .

1- You saw someone wearing something you knit for them. 
Do I count myself? 

2- You stayed up late just to knit 
Last night.

3- You had cake. 
October, on Briton's birthday.

4-You wanted to knit a sweater
Not that long ago;  a month?  Month and a half?

6-You sat on a hot radiator to warm up
I don't think I've ever sat on one.  Stood in front of one, sure. . .

7-You wrote a letter?
Last week.  To my One Book at a Time buddy.

8-You stubbed your toe
Not so much my toes as my shins.  The last of those was Saturday.  And it's bruising.

9- You got on the scale
I won't even pretend to remember.

10- You got caught talking to yourself
Honestly, I don't talk to myself too much.  Out loud, I mean.  In my head is a whole other story.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chewy Review

No, not Chewbacca.  Although I did finally see "The Force Awakens."  Thumb up, if you're interested.

This is my review of one of my latest products:
Weruva cat litter.

The smell.  Oh, this smells so good.  Clean.  My cats didn't hesitate to use the boxes I put it in --- sometimes a shift in litter takes them by surprise, and they'll avoid it for a while.  Not this.  It holds odors well, and its pieces are small enough to fit through the slats in my litter scoop.  That's also something different from other litters I've tried, and very much appreciated.

Weruva litter gets a solid "A" from me.  I will buy some in the future.

Once again, remember that I receive no monetary compensation whatsoever from  Each month, they provide me with products to review.  My reviews are true statements of my, and my pets', experiences with the products.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

On A Rainy Saturday Night

How is everyone's New Year's knitting coming along?  I'm sort of all over the place with mine.  I want to do projects for several charities, there are the wedding shawls I began in November, Blankapalooza, too, of course.

On the subject of squares, look at this gorgeousness!  I took almost a dozen pictures, trying to do the colors justice, but couldn't quite do it.  My Girl Camille sent them to me;  she and her sister Stephanie are remarkable crocheters.  Unfortunately, these squares are too big for the Palooza, but I'll try to find something yummy and helpful to do with them.

Madeleine's latest glucose curve showed her blood sugar is still higher than the doctors want it, so her insulin dosage has been increased.  You see how concerned about it she is.

After much hesitation, I put these two in my etsy shop.  They were made so long ago that I've lost the patterns for them.  That made my reluctance even stronger.  It shouldn't be too hard to figure something out, though, and make myself a replacement or two.  Or more for the shop;  you can think of it either way.

I'm job-hunting again.  Time to try to put some irons back in the fire.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kathy's Monday Meme

1. Do you have a bad habit?
Is being lazy a habit?  (As in, answering a Monday Meme on a Tuesday?)

2. Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets?
Not really.  Sometimes I have to move them off of a particularly snuggly piece, but none of them chews yarn.

3. Do you Cheat when you cable?
Well, first, "Close Enough Knits" does need to be the name of something!  And, no, I don't cheat.  

4. Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? or blogging? or buying yarn on line?
Usually not when I'm knitting, unless I'm counting (which seems to be the almost unanimous answer here.)  While blogging, maybe, if I'm trying to make a point, or searching for words.  Buying?  Not really.

5. Do you fall for Knit kits?
Yes.  Last year was The Year of the Kits for me.  I like the idea, and, in most cases, it cost less than I would have spent buying yarn and pattern separately.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Back in the Chain, Gang

The new modem is here!  It did not arrive on Saturday, as had been promised, but today.  Still --- here.  And, sheesh, was there a lot to catch up on.  The best thing to do is just pick a point from which to restart, and go.

First, and saddest, Briton had Buddy put down this afternoon.  After all the treatment at UGA and our vets', Bud just wasn't doing any better.  It was time.  But as every pet owner knows, it's never, never easy.
You made Briton really happy, Buddy.  Thank you.

Second, I'm hearing from some of you about Blankapalooza.  The main question seems to be about blocking.  It would certainly make things easier when seaming the pieces together for them to be pre-blocked, but I'm not going to insist on it.  As long as it's 6" x 6" when it gets here, we're good.  (I made my square last night.  Plain stockinette in white, for gardenias.)

Third, Bridget is taking this year, which would have been marked by her father's 100th birthday, to do something in his honor.  She's calling the effort Harry's Hundred --- one hundred items made and donated to organizations who work predominantly with male clients.  You can read all about it by clicking on the link.  I'm hoping to have enough blankets from The Palooza to aid in the count.  Go on over and take a look;  this looks and feels like a good year for charity knitting.

Fourth, look at these slammin' wristwarmers:
Quick as a wink to make, and so different. . .

Fifth, Madeleine is doing very well.  She goes back to UGA Wednesday for a glucose curve.
She's probably got that covered.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here We Go!

Despite ATT telling me it would, my new modem did NOT arrive yesterday, so I'm posting from my phone again.  HATE IT.

This is the day, however, that I give you your first Blankapalooza prompt.  Remember, 6" x 6" squares, your choice of design/stitch.  Next prompt will come on the 15th.  Have fun --- now, and for the rest of the year!



For some reason, this year I am constantly moving Christmas stuff around the house.  I'm not sure why things are so unsettled, but they...