Friday, June 14, 2024

Guess What?


Granted, it's only really pale gray, but it is a break from the blue.  The green crosshatches will be covered with pink, for the pads on the bunny's feet.  

I've been working on the cross-stitch fairly diligently, which means not much progress on knitting.  There's still a pair of slippers on the needles, plus the long loop scarf with the slub yarn and the 350 stitch behemoth.  The former will be done sort of soon, as the yarn is beginning to run out.  Slowly --- oh, so slowly --- ideas for collages are beginning to percolate.  We'll see.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Re-faring on Thursday

I don't know why, exactly, I dislike meringue and marshmallows.  A texture thing, maybe?  My mother made a delicious chocolate pie, which she would top with beautiful meringue that I would slice right off of my piece(s).  Sweet potato casserole is a favorite of mine, but if it is topped with marshmallows, I spend a good amount of time pulling them off before I eat.  (Pro tip: crushed pecans make an exquisite topping.)

Radishes make me burp.  Turnips have a disagreeable taste.  (But I will eat turnip greens for a good part of any day.)  Same with cucumbers: they just don't taste good to me.

I forgot celery yesterday.  I detest celery.  The strings. . .  The flavor. . .  I will also pick celery out of dishes.  Anyway, I will eat a plate of cucumber slices before a single stalk of celery.

(Notice I am not posting a photo of celery....)

Twinnie asked about all this.  We are Yin and Yang on the food preferences here, so between us we can make just about any host or hostess happy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Without Refining My Taste Buds (Wednesday Fare)

Food has been a topic here before.  Now it shall be again.

If you have a weak tummy, don't read past the photo.

Am I the only person who goes through runs of deeply craving certain foods?  Right now, I'm all about Blondies.  With loads and loads of pecans, preferably.   (Practically any baked sweet is better, in my mind, with loads and loads of pecans.  Ice cream, too.)

The issue with my Blondie craving is that I currently have no way to bake them for myself.  They are difficult to find in stores, if you didn't know that.  However, I do have a bag of pecans on hand, so I can eat those, at least.

(Photo from

The problem there, though, is if I eat them and do figure out a way to bake Blondies, I'll have lots fewer pecans to add.

I'm not a particularly picky eater, but there are things I will never eat.  On that list: liver (I didn't write it that way, but please read it in all caps), turnips, kale, melons, radishes, marshmallows, cucumbers, meringue, beets (unless they're pickled). I've tried lots of things that are weird, but it's unlikely I'll ever run into them again, so they don't go on the list.  My father was awful about this.  He'd bring something home --- usually from a horse show --- and tell me I ought to try it: "It's good!"  I bite into the sandwich (or whatever), kind of nod, and he tells me it's barbecued raccoon.  Or goat.  Or brains.  Or tongue.  (Chitlins I recognized in time to vehemently refuse.)

If I go to a restaurant, I'm likely to find something (if not many things) to eat.  Still, one of the very best things Google can do is allow you to look up a menu before you go to any given place.  There's nothing left to chance.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Redefining TNT

There is traditional cross-stitch to show.  Once again, the lack of backstitching doesn't hurt the look, does it?  Everything is dimensional without it.

But today, it is "Trying New Things."  Specifically, stamped cross-stitch.
There's this vast background of blue, which has been surprisingly calming so far.  It feels like needlepoint somehow.

When I ordered the kit, I didn't pay necessarily close attention to the piece's size.
Half a bench seat.  I'll be working on this for a while.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

That's Not the Way Saturdays Roll, Though

Nothing got finished today.  Well, one thing.  I cast on 350 (fingers crossed) stitches for a scarf worked horizontally.  Fingers crossed because I'm pretty sure that's how many there are.  The definitive answer will come when I knit the first row.

The slub yarn I've been working with gave me a little gift the other day:

That one slub looks like a shell or an agate or a shrimp or something.  The light hits it in wonderful ways.

I hope your weekend is going well!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

On Thursday You Finish Things

Another pair of houseshoes off the needles.  Bulky alpaca, not in the brick red of the photo, but a pretty burgundy.
Though this was not her pattern, there is no telling how many of these my mother made.  She always put pom-pom on hers.  They were Christmas presents, White Elephant gifts, charity donations --- you get the picture.

The first thing I ever knit was a vest, but these couldn't have been far behind.  Hold a couple of strands of worsted together, and off you go.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Which is Followed by Wednesday

A Wednesday marked (too) periodically by headache-induced nosebleeds.  When you've got tissue stuffed up one nostril and are having to keep your head leaning back, you think all kinds of things.

This ceiling could use a coat of paint.

Why do we say we're in bed when we're actually on the bed?

People complain about the English saying someone is "in hospital" or "at Uni," but we say, "going to school" or being "at work."

Should I get prescription sunglasses?

Thursday's my favorite day of the week.  It has been for as long as I can remember.

Tap has been asleep a very long time, and he's snoring loudly.

Kim asked a while ago if I'd ever watched "The Wizard of Oz" while playing "Dark Side of the Moon."  I have.  I even played it in class, when we discussed urban legends.  I've also played the radio broadcast of "the War of the Worlds" in class.

Did you know that "Amazing Grace" and "House of the Rising Sun" have interchangeable melodies?

Why is my nose STILL bleeding?

Guess What?

Colorwork! Granted, it's only really pale gray, but it is a break from the blue.  The green crosshatches will be covered with pink, for ...