Fragments and Updates

Never assume that online patterns that you like, and have bookmarked (or even purchased) "for later" are going to be there when you want them.  Patternfish, for example, is no more.  Goodbye to the cache of patterns I had bought but not yet downloaded.  
Update-wise, my temporary crown cracked, and I have had to have another temporary one put on.  I am scheduled to go back on the 30th for a permanent one.  I'm most likely repeating myself here, but I am wearing my mouth guard at all times now, to hopefully cut down on the damage clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth might do.

Klunk is doing well.  I went back on Monday to take Hannah and him to the vet for his check-up.  The doctor (quite possibly the cutest man ever through veterinary training) said that he looked good, though he should still see a cardiologist.  He decreased the dosage of one of Klunk's medications, which made Hannah feel better about things.

Yes, I did take a book and some knitting, though the v…


It hit me the other day that the Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick Classic contests are coming up next month.  More on the nuts and bolts later, and let's say that fortunately, Knit Picks is having a book sale just now.  Well, not just books --- also other things that can be used as prizes.


I'm not sure what type of moviegoers any of you are, but let me recommend "The Farewell."  It is from last year, so you might have seen it already (I am always late to movie parties.)  Briton saw it in a theatre and has been telling me ever since then that I would love it.  When I couldn't sleep at 3:30 this morning, I got up and watched the DVD copy he brought me.  It's lovely and worth your time.
Heavy storms are rolling through as I type this.  I know some of you are getting wintry-ness out of this --- I wish we were you.  The cats have hidden themselves away, and Tap is firmly under the coffee table.  I have to thank my parents for never modeling fear of storms for me.  So many people are practically paralyzed by them, but I've never minded them.  Well, except when I was in Tuscaloosa and saw funnel clouds get really close more than once.

Loose Ends

I forgot to show you what Hannah got me for Christmas.  A Nativity card that's 3-D. It's difficult to photograph, but trust me, it's quite beautiful.  And I didn't have one like it.
I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today.  My visits are really just for medication checks, though we do have conversations about other things.  Tomorrow, I go back to the dentist to let her look at this crown.  It is irritating my tongue, and I'm hoping she can smooth it out or re-fit it or something.  I've come to do all my chewing on the right side because 1) I certainly don't want to pop the thing loose, and 2) it's just uncomfortable.  

Despite All This, Still a Very Sour Mood

The past two, two-and-a-half days have found me in very bad temper.  they shouldn't have, as Briton got to see Crow and Tom Servo, heroes from Mystery Science Theater 3000, at The Center for Puppetry Arts.
A funny thing happened, as finding a place to hold a seaming needle for a minute turned into what looked like an acupuncture treatment on a little gnome.
And, finally, I finished a project which perfectly paired yarn (Lion Brand's Scarfie and Wingspan.)

Change of Gauge

Kathy asked if my finger was interfering with knitting.  Knitting is actually how I discovered the bruise!  I was counting stitches on my left needle, and there it was.  So, no, nothing keeping me from plying my craft.
Speaking of. . .  I began a baby sweater last night, and it is just so little!  It's been a while since I knit baby clothes, and I kept looking at it. . .  Is this right?  A dolman cardigan for a baby --- itty bitty!
The latest word on Klunk is good;  the increased dosage of the one medicine seems to have made a big difference.  Fingers crossed.

The Re-Moving

With Christmas season comes the shifting of furniture and photos on the wall to make room for the tree.  When the tree is gone, there's an opportunity to re-hang pictures and change room set-ups.  (I love this part of the season.)  This year, my desk has been moved from my bedroom to the den, and a chair and light tower from the den to my bedroom.  Somewhere along the way, this happened: It doesn't hurt, so I didn't even notice it until yesterday.  I think I remember banging my knuckle into something sometime but cannot recall what or when.   I bruise embarrassingly easily, so it might have happened without me even realizing it.

In other news
I bought myself a lion.