On a Couple of Plates

I'm sort of pinging back and forth between knitting projects right now.  Nothing too big, nothing too arduous.  The crocheted cord for my garland is all done, and I'm continuing to make trees and mittens.   I have cast on for one of my favorite hats:
A page from my knitting day-to-day calendar from 2005, it is the Braid-edged Cap by Judy Gibson.  It's easier than it looks, it makes a warm hat, a smart-looking hat, and it fits my big head.

In other news,
my glorious son listens to one of his young readers during a discussion of The Abominables.  He is enjoying his new library job so very much.

A Nice Day

A cold, windy, gray day here.  You know, of course, that it was glorious for me.
I decided to make it a reading day, with the curtains pulled back so that I could keep an eye on the weather.  Plus, I ran a YouTube video that we played all day on Christmas: The sounds are wonderful, and, honestly, even though it's just a video playing on a screen, you feel like you're actually sitting in front of a fire.

#Chewy Influencer, January --- Split Decision

Riley has never struck me as a picky eater.  Picky eater felines have lived here before.  I know picky eater felines.
Some nights she will eat this Royal Canin food, and some nights she flatly refuses.  
Your guess is as good as mine.
Not really sure, therefore, what kind of review to give this food.  I won't be buying any more --- I guess that's the long and short of it.

Each month, I choose products from for review.  They send them to me without money changing hands in exchange for my honest descriptions of my experiences with them.

He's Special

Every parent, human or feline or canine, believes that his/her child is remarkable.  In the several months since he's been here, Tap has shown me that he's quick and sharp about loads of things.  For instance, he knows that the fastest and surest way to get my attention is to grab knitting, yarn, knitting needles, or books.
Well, turns out he's special in one more way.
In all these weeks, if given a bone or particularly fun toy, Tap would "hide" it behind a couch cushion, or under a quilt, etc. Now, he will take what he wants to save for later and bury it in the cats' litter box.
The.  Litter.  Box.

So special.

'Splainin' To Do

I do not know who sent the yarn bouquet.  There was no card, just a little envelope with the yarns' tags: Malabrigo Silkpaca, thankyousomuch.
I gave Tap a bath today, his last one in the kitchen sink.  It'll be the bathtub from now on.  He is so fluffy, and his hair is so soft and so crazy.  Combing makes little to no difference.  Does anyone here remember Professor Irwin Corey?

In My Life

Days here are bland and routine.  Anything that can be drummed up to make them even a wee bit more enjoyable or interesting is seized upon.  
One of those things is delaying opening any packages that arrive unless I know they must be opened post haste.  Hence, said parcels may languish a day or more until they are opened and/or fully emptied.
I just opened something that has been here for a few days, and am awash in tears.  One of you sent me a Jimmy Beans yarn bouquet.  The yarn is purple.  it is wrapped in feather print paper.
Did I mention the crying?

Time Goes By

Tap just a few days after he got here:
Tap today:
When Briton was here on Christmas, he said to Tap, "You're so little!"  And I said, "But he's so big!"