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Last night, I made myself a Summer Reading Bingo card.  It's the third or fourth year I've done it, and have yet to collect a full ("winning") line of reads.  It's fun to do, though.
One question, however.  Does one choose books specifically to mark off the squares on the card, or does one simply read what one wants, letting the marks fall (or not) as they may?
I lean strongly toward the latter.  It makes the "game" more exciting, plus, you read books you really want to, not ones you have to.

Right now, I'm reading The Library Book.  It will allow me to mark off "Non-fiction."
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Kathy Saves My Bacon

I had absolutely nothing to post about today.  Then I visited Kathy's blog and saw her questions about Summer.  Therefore, today's content brought to you entirely by the goodwill and interesting queries of Compassionknit.
My favorite Summer flower is: Gardenia. My favorite Summer drink is: Dr Pepper. My favorite summer dessert is: An ice cream sandwich. My favorite place to camp is (was): The backyard. My favorite place to nap in summer: (hammock, sofa, futon, lazyboy, bed or???) Bed. My favorite summer Festival: None. My favorite summer toenail polish color: I don't polish my toenails. My favorite thing to knit in Summer: Baby things. My favorite time of the day in Summer is: Just before it gets completely dark at night.

I Hate It When This Happens

My fingernails have been looking really good the past several weeks.  They've been a great length to polish, and I've just been tickled with them.
You know where I'm headed, don't you?
Broke the nail on the left index finger putting stuff in the recycling bin this morning.  It made me so mad, as it meant all the others were going to have to be cut, too, so that they could all resume growing together. AARRGGHH!
I was looking so cute!

Moving Right Along

I'm finally making knitting progress again.  The projects are simple, I grant you, but they are moving ahead.  Still going on the Knit-a-Day calendar pattern in the Madeline Tosh colorway, and have now begun this shawl(ette) in this yarn. That's a Premier "Sweet Roll" yarn.  Yes, it's acrylic, and yes, it's scratchy and stiff, but the colors are pretty and it's striping up nicely.  Pictures of my own when I remember to take them.

A Couple of Feels

One of the most prodigious bloggers out there is Kathy.  She posts six days a week, which I find amazing.  Anyway, she has a survey about pets up right now, if you're interested.
Along the line of surveys, I've been looking at the calendar for when to start Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick.  Y'all still want to do that?  I've got an idea about when and how long to nominate, and I'm still gathering up prizes.
Briton was feeling a little puny the other day, so cozied up in his onesie and posted this photo: That small scar next to his left eye is all that's left of his fainting/hospitalization episode.  So, so lucky.

Not for Tender Tummies

Tap is a chewer.  He always has been.  I cannot keep this dog in Dingo Goofballs.  (This is how Goofballs go in our house:  he chews off all of the red strips he can, then brings the ball to me, and I untangle it.  He then chews the long strips. It's our thing.)
At any rate, those of you with dogs know that there are all kinds of things you can buy for chewers: rawhide, jerky, cow hooves (filled and unfilled), various antlers, bones (real and synthetic), and an assortment of dried, smoked or otherwise preserved animal parts.  Ears, snouts (no, thank you), ears, trachea, kneecaps. etc.  I'm not too terribly squeamish about this type of thing (except the snouts), but the other day at PetSmart, I picked up what looked like any ordinary rolled rawhide or tendon, and could not put it down fast enough.  It was a "bladder stick."
First, who thinks of this?
Second, eew, eew, eew, eeeewwwww.

The Last of June

Not a whole lot to report, except that Tap seems to be trying to catch up with Klunk where snuggling is concerned.

Also, it looks like macrame is a thing again. I've done all that before, so pretty sure I'll take a hard pass this time around.