Tuesday, May 17, 2022


If I were still on FaceMeta or whatever, this would certainly be my new profile photo:

The puzzle's not curved;  I adjusted the horizontal and vertical to get rid of the glare. 

I early voted today, breezing in and out fairly quickly.  The polling site is the library, so when I was done, I went to peruse more knitting books.  I'd show them to you, but I'm extremely comfortable here on the couch and don't want to go get them.

Truth in blogging, am I right?

Sunday, May 15, 2022


It probably comes as no surprise that, having worked the jigsaw puzzles here, I've been looking around for others.  This one popped up in several places.  I'm "meh" on Grandma, but all about the cat and the puppy.

Kind of a slow weekend.  I've watched a ton of hockey and read quite a bit.  I'll finish this little jewel tonight --- it's slim and expertly written.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Traffic and Noise

For two full weeks, some sort of work has been going on at/in the house across the street.  Tap has been frantic.  Then today, some sort of utility workers with jackhammers decided to show up.  *whee*

Vehicles are lined up as far to the left as you can see, and even farther up. And this isn't everyone.  There have usually been trucks, vans and cars parked on that driveway and in the grass.  I promise I don't begrudge anyone making their home more the way they want it.  But this has been crazy.  And the poor mail carrier, school bus driver, and any delivery service driver have had to squeeze through all that.  It's just been a big ol' mess.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Hey, I Can Tiny Needle, Too!

This may be my only such post, because --- as you can clearly see --- it's becoming perfectly obvious what this is going to be.

Monday, May 9, 2022


My Mother's Day:

All done in leggings and my Batman hoodie.*

*"Always Be Yourself.  Unless You Can Be Batman.  Then Always Be Batman."

Saturday, May 7, 2022

I Answered My Own Question

 I've been kind of wandering around the house today, trying to find things to do that would hold my interest/give me a feeling of accomplishment:

Worked another jigsaw puzzle;

Finished one book I was reading, while also making progress on another;

Knit a wee, tiny bit;

Watched and listened to my twinster's YouTube posting on her junk journal journey;

Realized that my twinster sounds precisely as I thought she would;

Started going through my boxes of yarn, looking for inspiration and anything that can be thinned out;

Formally gave up on my five-month-long attempt to lose weight again;

Watched hockey.

Yet I still feel like all I've done is sit on the couch and stare blankly into the middle distance.

By the way, why is it always the "middle" distance?  I guess "near" distance wouldn't make any sense.  "Far" distance is just repetitive.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Summer Share

I have discovered that Tap likes popsicles.  I discovered a bag of these old-school ones the other day, and lots of memories poured in.

Remember when most popsicles were like this?  If you had a good and generous friend, they'd break it in two and share.  I  wasn't allowed to buy popsicles very often --- scarcely at all, in truth.  (Mama, I'm sure, thought it a waste of money.)  The children next door almost always got to stop the Popsicle Man, and I did get to share in their bounty on occasion.  Hot summer days, bare feet (because our rubber flip-flops pulled apart at the toe, and you could NEVER fix them), melting popsicles dripping down your hands and arms. . .  I see, hear and feel it like it was yesterday.


If I were still on FaceMeta or whatever, this would certainly be my new profile photo: The puzzle's not curved;  I adjusted the horizont...