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A Couple of Things

A couple of  things.  What's all this couple things  stuff lately? Every other Wednesday is Misfits Market day here.  Today, I got a very pretty little cabbage. Now, it took me a few seconds, but I noticed something unusual here.  Can you make it out?  There at the bottom: It may not be a cabbage at all.  It may be the top of a Brussels sprouts plant.  We grew some Brussels sprouts in my mother's garden one year, but only one.  She did not like how the plants look;  she said they gave her shudders. Speaking of Mama, I came across this the other day: Two things here.  First, I remember this lace very well.  I don't know how many times she knit some and trimmed pillowcases and/or sheets for gifts.  Second, look at that writing.  I wish cursive were still taught.  
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Do: Read On

I have an astrology app on my phone that provides daily lists of "Dos" and "Don'ts."  Usually, they're sort of esoteric things, like "Do: Brick-oven pizza," or "Don't:  Analog watches."  Today, one of the "Dos" was fairly specific for me --- "Do: Cable knitting."  Now, it may have been that this was the day I would finish my twisted cowl anyway, but here's what I did finish today: Not truly cabled, but cabled in look. The "Homebody Sweater But Without 'Homebody'" sweater has been put into deep time-out.  I got lost on the front shaping and couldn't deal with making sense of it, so deep-sixed it.  You may or may not ever see it again.

Circle Game

I don't knit on circulars that much, but when I do, the projects are great fun.  Currently, I have two projects on two sets of circulars, both with purple yarn. First, a basic pullover sweater (without "Homebody" on it) out of this and a chunky twisted cowl out of this . Thanks to Lion Brand for both.  


Hoping you are well, and that, if you aren't, something like a beautiful surprise card from your Twinnie shows up to brighten your day.  

Looking Like Something

 What? You can't tell it's a hood?

Two Kinds of Needles

 Briton and I have each received our first COVID vaccine;  Hannah's first dose is scheduled for Sunday.  Sighs of relief all around, but I had to fight through serious guilt upon making my appointment.  (Why me first when both of them deal with people in public every day?  Especially Hannah.)  Now that we're all on the same page, I feel much better. Neither Briton nor I had any reactions to the first shot.  My arm was a little sore, but nothing limiting.  Anecdotes are pointing to the second dose for rough things afterward.  I think Hannah and Briton are both going to ask off for the day after their second doses. I'm closing in on finishing my hooded sweater.  Both sleeves, the front, and the back are done.  The hood is made separately and sewn on, and I have a few more inches to go on it.  As I've been working on it, I've also made two scarves that are bound for the blocking board.

Here Now

Seeing as  Twinnie  has been baking, I thought I'd show you my latest loaf.  This is (Dry) Onion (Soup Mix) Bread made today.  The house still smells yummy. There is a  seller on Etsy  whose shop has provided many gifts that I've given over the years.  Recently, I ordered something for myself: If you can't quite make out what the little card says, this is "The Sweater of Inertia."  I love this.  And not just because it's purple.