Friday, May 20, 2022


 Do you remember my Face in the Fig Tree?  Bridget named him Aloysius.  Well, he is now bedecked in summery leaves. 


The first piece (the front piece) of the asymmetrical poncho is now done.
This is it folded in half lengthwise.  Now I can't find the pattern.  Obviously, I don't need instructions to make another piece just like this one, but there was something about how the pieces were put together that I can't recall.  Guess I'll just wing it when I get there.

Still blisteringly hot.  Tap has taken to lying in front of the floor vents.  True, I've been hogging the ceiling fans, but still. . .


  1. Regarding poncho: it needs a point on front and on back. You're welcome. I'm now a knitwear designer.

  2. Aloysius looks quite dapper all decked out! OMG it was stupidly hot here this weekend, but today is lovely.


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