Sunday, April 10, 2022

On Tap

In the past, I've mentioned how Tap's way of telling me he's in need is to sit flat on his rump.  Now, I still always have to figure out what he's asking for.  To go outside?  A treat?  A meal?  To play?  Sometimes I get it right, while other times I don't have any insight.  But my boy can get emphatic.

The back legs trying to maintain balance tickle me.


  1. The best thing is the little blinky at the end!

  2. He seems to be very patient with you! I mean it must be hard work to get us humans to understand doggy body language ! Oh! to be able to read a doggy's mind ... nooo perhaps not LOL. keep well. Amanda x

  3. I'd 1ove to see a photo of that!!!! He sounds so cute


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