Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Not So Much Moving Now

I've had a blistering headache since the weekend, so staying still has been a necessity.  Here are some non-sequiturs I've been saving:

You unwrap a head of lettuce, right?  You cut/tear the amount you need for a salad.  There is now less lettuce, yes?  Then how come you can never get the remaining lettuce completely re-covered??????  I didn't cut off any plastic wrap!!!!!!

My "trick" for spelling "Mississippi" is reciting the words of a Bobbie Gentry song.  None of the "crooked letter / humpback" stuff.  And yes, I sang the lyric as I typed the first sentence.

My best friend's younger brother once told us how to remember the difference in spelling "dessert" versus "desert."  You'd want two desserts --- hence, the two s's --- while one desert --- and one s --- would be plenty.

I was embarrassingly old when I realized the remarkable meshing of my mother's maiden name: England,  and my father's middle name: Briton.

If it's taking you to a lower floor, shouldn't it be called a "de-escalator"?

Does anyone else sometimes use the reverse on your phone camera as a mirror?

If you forget to take your neuro/memory boost tablets, isn't that a sign that they aren't working?

How I got to him is a long, curvy story, but I've found out that Hermann Rorschach (yes, of the test) was kind of cute.



  1. Two comments!
    1: On Captain Kangaroo, they would play a song where they spelled it out. That's the song I sing!
    2: I was doing a week-long off site when I worked in advertising that had people from offices all over the world in it. One of the exercises we did was called "desert survival'--basically, your team was given a list of things that you could take with you from a plane crash and you had to figure out which ones you would take. It was dumb. Anyway. One of the people from Germany came to the exercise all excited, and once we began his face fell. He told me that he thought the exercise was 'dessert survival' and was looking forward to all the desserts!

  2. Kim in Oregon's comment is hystericalII


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