Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Another Hat Surprise

I didn't see the green in the yarn the other day, and I didn't see the yellow in this:

In fact, I still don't see it.  In any sort of light.  I took the picture because the zig-zags really appeal to me.  Also, I've never minded variegated yarn pooling.   It fascinates me, to tell the truth.  This is a Plymouth Yarns worsted that is actually rather soft and nice to work with.  In my life of experience with yarn --- both before and after I started knitting --- so much acrylic worsted felt like cardboard.  When I was going through things at my parents' house, I came across so many sweaters that were scratchy and stiff.  Of course, that's all I knew;  Mama only worked with really good yarns when making things for the knit shop.  She was a pennysaver extraordinaire.  I never shared current yarn prices with her --- she would have been aghast.

If you're interested in a cute baby hat, may I suggest this from Stitch & Story:
I made this last night.  It needs to go to a baby with some head control: that pom-pom could tip someone over.


  1. Is it wrong that I pictured a baby wearing that and falling over due to the pompom??

  2. I made an Ohio State hat for my son years ago and the pooling of the red and gray yarn was fascinating. He lost it almost right away but I still have pictures!

  3. Very good thoughts! THAT POM IS enormous. I love the look

  4. Gorgeous hat and I actually love that sizeable Pom Pom . I can just imagine some little sweetie pie toddling along and this bobbing like mad! :-) keep well Amanda x


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