Friday, July 12, 2019

Kathy Saves My Bacon

I had absolutely nothing to post about today.  Then I visited Kathy's blog and saw her questions about Summer.  Therefore, today's content brought to you entirely by the goodwill and interesting queries of Compassionknit.

My favorite Summer flower is: Gardenia.
My favorite Summer drink is: Dr Pepper.
My favorite summer dessert is: An ice cream sandwich.
My favorite place to camp is (was): The backyard.
My favorite place to nap in summer: (hammock, sofa, futon, lazyboy, bed or???) Bed.
My favorite summer Festival: None.
My favorite summer toenail polish color: I don't polish my toenails.
My favorite thing to knit in Summer: Baby things.
My favorite time of the day in Summer is: Just before it gets completely dark at night.


  1. I said lemon bars, but yum cream sandwiches are good too.

  2. We both have the same favorite time of dAY!!!!!



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