Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How Does This Happen?

For the last two days, I've been in bed with a headache that defies my describing it.  If you look at the "Types of Headaches" charts online, it would be a Cluster Sinus Tension Migraine.  I'm almost beyond trying to explain these things anymore;  just know that if I say I have a "headache," it's a HEADACHE.

How staying in bed for two days can leave one completely wrung-out is my chief question today.  I'm just exhausted.  So, it's been a careful and quiet day, punctuated by Twinnie tea and time with Rupert this afternoon.
(Yes, Twinnie --- blended in your honor.)


  1. I've never had a tea named for me before. Or honestly, anything named for me before! I'm sure it made you feel much, much better.

  2. Oh Feel better Kim . I'm so sorry. Be good to you. Rest as much as you need to. Everything else can wait. Hugs hugs hugs



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