Thursday, March 15, 2018

Around Here

Heel-less, tube-y socks finished.  I'm very glad Second Sock Syndrome has never been an issue for me.  As bored as I was with the first sock, finally finishing the second wasn't hard.  It just needed to be over.

It's Spring Break week here, as evidenced by the virtually empty parking lot I found when I went to pick Hannah up the other night:
The headaches have kept me homebound for most of the week, so I can't speak for traffic in general, but this looks like an Athens parking lot late on a Sunday night, not dinner time mid-week.

Reading, knitting, napping --- those are the elements of my life just now.  I hope all is well with you and in your world.


  1. Hoping you feel better soon. Headaches are the WORST!!!

  2. I love your tubey socks. I ve often wondered if they stay up well and are okay where there is no real heel. DO TELL

  3. I read 'heel less' and I think there's a hole where your twinnie heel goes.



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