Monday, January 15, 2018

Chewy Influencer, January, Part Food --- I Mean, Part Two

In the months since my pets and I have been Chewy Influencers, lots of food has been tasted and approved.  This weekend, I placed my first order for some of the food the cats liked.

This is the Variety Pack of Weruva food: two "flavors" with chicken, one with lamb, one with salmon.  Can cats smack their lips?  Because I think I hear them smacking their lips when they eat these.

The Lamb Burger is pretty standard cat fare in texture and smell.  Funk in the Trunk is a combination of chicken and pumpkin, and I was interested in the cats' reactions, because they've never had pumpkin.  The chicken Frick 'A Zee looks and smells delicious.  Really.  Kitty Gone Wild is salmon au jus, and may be the producer of most of the smacking.  As for me, I find the odor very loud and very strong, and the pieces of salmon have to be broken up into small bites for my girls.  But they do love it.

As part of the Influencer program, allows me to request products for in-home trial each month.  No money changes hands.  I promise to give my honest reviews of the products in exchange for being part of the program.

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  1. Well I love hearing what your kitty kidos liked. I dont think I've ever given mine lamb. Miss Pie is scurrying all over the place today.



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