Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I don't drink coffee.  Never have.  Hence, I don't know how to make coffee (except for when I was growing up and used to make cups of instant for my parents.)  Dale was a coffee drinker, and always made his own each morning.

I do drink hot chocolate and tea.  (It may be some sort of rule that if one knits, one must drink tea.)  Several months ago, I bought myself an electric kettle,
which is one of the best small appliance purchases I've ever made.  Still, on Amazon's Prime Day, I found a Keurig machine speaking to me.  You can make both hot chocolate and tea with one, you know.

Now, when I go into the kitchen to feed the cats in the morning, I can make myself a cup of something.  It's usually hot chocolate, but either way, that brewing sound and resulting mug of a hot drink make me feel like a real grown-up.


  1. How did you like the electric kettle? I d like one. Was it easy to clean?

  2. I love you but I truly cannot fathom life without coffee

  3. My SIL and my son love their electric kettles. When my stove-top kettle gives out I will replace it with an electric one. We have a ton of Keurigs at work...personally, I prefer coffee or tea brewed/perked/whatever. glad you like your machine though.



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