Sunday, July 23, 2017


"Q" as in "curly-q," as one of this week's prizes is
this pattern book.  There are some beautiful wraps here.

Too, there is
hunter green yarn (3 skeins)
a set of stitch markers made by my wonderful friend, Laurie.

You'll note that Laurie's tag line for her markers is "Jewelry for your fiber arts."  The second "Q" is for this question waiting for an answer from you:

What is the jewelry that you feel naked without?

As for me, I have a necklace that my father gave me when I was pregnant with Briton, and a bracelet he gave me when I was pregnant with Hannah. and I never take either one of them off.  I can't imagine not having them on.


  1. My wedding rings and another ring on my right hand. I recently inherited my mother-in-law's wedding ring so I wear that. Before that, I wore a ring my husband gave me when our son turned one.

  2. My wedding ring and since my Dad passed away, I wear his wedding ring on the middle finger of my right hand.

  3. My rings. There are some (like my wedding ring) that I wear always, but if I don't have a ring on my right hand, it makes me nuts!

  4. I never take my rings off, but the thing I feel naked without is a watch. I know watches aren't worn by younger people, but I love watches. I have some I love so much even though I can't read them!

  5. Watch and wedding ring, although I never take off the ring so I don't actually know if I would feel naked without it.

  6. Earrings. It's the only jewelry I wear!! Occasionally, I'll break out a bracelet or rings, but not often.

  7. I wear a trinity ring (a rolling ring of 3 gold circles all entwined-yellow, white and rose gold)- my dad gave it to me and it is a great fidget and it's on my thumb so it would be hard to get off if I wanted to. But I never want to!

  8. I found your blog via Vicki, great question! I feel lost without my iWatch and my silver stacking rings. And, lip color (it's like jewelry for your lips, right?)



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