Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prizes and Gifts

Evidently, the Random Number Generator has a sense of humor.  After admonishing you all earlier about accepting your winnings with "grace," the Generator gave me Grace as this week's winner.  Congratulations to you!

Most of us would like to be sketchers, it seems.  Kathy, understandably, as she is quite an accomplished one already, chose photography.  This is one of her pictures:
Also, Kathy gave birth to a terrific picture-taker.

Camille and Vicki both chose sculpting, which was my initial choice as well.  What a remarkable group of artists and visionaries you all are.

As I search and shop for KH and KC prizes, I sometimes get things for myself.  Like these labels, which you can all no doubt relate to:

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. THIS TOOK FOREVER is perfect! I have to get Some!

    Thanks for the kind photography words. I, too, think Zach has a great EYE

  2. thank you thank you thank you, I feel very lucky to be the receiver yet again of your generosity!!!! Yeah for stash enhancement!



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