Monday, July 10, 2017

Next Up

This week, you can win
two skeins of Navajo (Color 04) from Tahki Select, 
one hank of Cascade Heritage sock yarn in color 5632 (dark plum)
you answer this question before week's end:

If a portfolio were made of your finished knitting projects, which would you want on the cover?


  1. My Match & Move Shawl - I love it!!

  2. I would have said my Match & Move too, Vera, but I just finished a Koi Pond shawl and oh my. Terrific colors and never a dull moment. I'm kayT on Ravelry if you want to see it. So, Vera, can I see your M&M on Ravelry?

    1. Oh dear! I don't put anything on Ravelry -- too lazy. I do have a blog ( though, and pictures are there (early May). Heading over to Ravelry to check out your Koi Pond!

  3. Yay Koi Pond! Yes I will agree with that. I'm going to look at the Match & Move now!

  4. I would want it to show a person walking in an autumn woods, wearing a handknit sweater (I haven't knit an adult sweater in a long time but I would make one for the portfolio). Handknit socks would be visible above the person's stylish shoes. The portfolio would be about socks since that's about all I knit lately.

  5. The look for the book
    written at a crawl
    would have to be
    my very next shawl.

  6. probably the shawl I designed for Hearts vines and flowers, it is my favorite accomplishment

  7. It would have to be the Colinette mitered square afghan I made about 20 years ago from a kit I impulse-bought in England. It's on my Rav projects page.

  8. Maybe one of my Pixie Dust blankets by Knit Collage since I've done soooo many (a dozen?) and they are sparkly. But I like my Big Stitch Rug(s) a lot. They are better in person than in photo though...



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