Contests, Clipping and, Uh, Socks

The first Frankensock is on its way:
There are just a couple of rows left before toe shaping begins.

A few weeks ago, Rupert began panting a lot.  As in, when he was directly under the ceiling fan, or even without having exerted any energy.  He didn't seem sick in any way, so my guess was that maybe he was hot.  A reminder of his usual look:
compared to where he is now:
I just sort of hacked away at him with scissors.  First, because I don't have any clippers, and, second, because it had to be done a little bit at a time.  There was no way he was going to stand (literally and figuratively) still for it all to be done at once.  So, as he lay next to me on the couch, I'd reach over and cut some hair every now and then.  He's not salon-beautiful, but he seems to be cooler, and the panting has practically stopped.

Speaking of done, the Garter Trap is.
It's the devil to take a picture of, by the way.  There are only two ends to weave in --- the cast-on row and the cast-off.  These wide color blocks please me.  I'm going to like working with Sweet Roll yarn.

Tune in tomorrow for the first Knitters' Hunk / Knitters' Chick Countdown question.  And the unveiling of the first prize.  Talk it up if you would, please.  There are always so many people who participate in KH / KC, but I can't seem to drum up very many for contests.

And oh, by the way, do you have your nominees yet?  I've got 2 men and 1 woman.  Must start thinking harder. . .


  1. OHhh I'm thinking. Hunks.
    Rupert's cut is so dang cute!!!
    and your TRAP just rocks lady!


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