Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just Some Stuff, Pretty Much

The Debbie Bliss yarn remains divine.  It's going to be hard to turn it into something;  it's just wonderful the way it is.

Some hard rain passed through here the night before last.  I used the opportunity to read and have some tea.
I'm a teacup snob.  Interesting, pretty, unusual cups make tea taste better, I find.

The "cat hats" I'm selling in my etsy shop have raised over $200 so far.  For some reason, that stuns me.  In a very good way, mind you, but it stuns me.  The hats there are in colors other than pink, for variety.  Pinks will be there, too, though.

In other e-commerce news, Sephora has evidently joined Amazon in the Ridiculously Packaged Items Club:

In today's mail, I got a notice that I have been selected as a "prospective" juror in US District Court.  I had to fill out a questionnaire, and I may or may not be chosen, yada yada.  I've been called for plain ol' jury duty three times.  The first time, I had just had Briton.  The second time, I had just had Hannah.  The third time, I went downtown and, most of the morning, sat beside a former colleague of Dale's.  She had been nothing but a backstabber when they worked together --- even when he was desperately ill, so I wasn't thrilled to be next to her.  But she made all phony-nice, and I have never wished for some knitting to do or a book to read more in my life.  Neither of us made it onto the panel, and she was dismissed before me.  At least I didn't have to walk with her to our cars. . .

Do you have any jury experience?


  1. None for me yet- I was also summoned after each baby and dismissed.

  2. I've been called for jury duty lots of times, and made it on to panels, but the only time I was chosen was in DC, on a Federal jury for a Federal drug case.

    Tim has been on a couple of juries, most recently a murder case. Oy.

  3. Great return on the hats! Keep it up. RIde the wave!!! Know that it is a big help and many want to join in with the hats! GOOD FOR YOU.
    As for JD, I've been called a few times. Never got to the one on one interview part. One of the best parts about moving here is getting away from the dreaded mail with a jury summons for the city of Chicago. THey always wanted us at the WORST courthouse with horrible parking and dangerous high crime neighborhoods. I lived in dread of that piece of mail. I would be okay with serving here in farm land.

  4. I receive the notice every 18 months or so, but around here you have to check on-line or call the day/night far I've never had to show up at the I've most likely jinxed myself.



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