Monday, October 10, 2016

Good Questions from Kathy (As Usual)

 * Name a book or movie that your mom Loved:
My mother adored books, but I can't recall her ever saying she had a favorite.  I do know that she loved the movie version of "Gone With The Wind."

*Who was the last nice stranger you met?
The cashier at Fresh Market.  I was in the store about 10 minutes after it opened, so there were no other customers in line, and we had a nice back and forth. 

*How many inches did you knit up this weekend?
A lot!  Sleeping and knitting are all I can do right now, so significant progress was made with both.

*What shape are your knit/crochet hands, in ?

*I'm knitting with a pair of plastic size 10 needles. 
Does that make you cringe?
Not at all, as I am about to cast some new project stitches onto plastic 15s!

*Miss Pie has figured a way to squeeze through the gates to get upstairs by us.  Her sight is poor.  Her will is strong.
Will she or wont she end up in our bed this week?
Oh, absolutely!  She's probably already up there!  All Dean cats are bed sleepers.  Exhibit A, my daughter's Klunk:

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