Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shelving and Sharing

Today's Maker's question borders on the unanswerable for me:
What is on your shelf?

Really?  Maker's May?  Really?  Which shelf?  There are so many shelves in this house, and so many not-originally-shelves-that-are-now-shelves. . . 

Tell you what.  I'll go with the shelves that are right in front of me.

The entertainment unit that, after all these years later, I still can't believe we found.  At some point, Dale and I had furniture in the den, and cable inlets, that put our TV in a corner.  For a while, we had the TV on/in regular tables/shelves, but then we found this.  Perfect!

Okay.  Top to bottom, my shelves hold
1)  Stuffed versions of some of my favorite things, action figures, and my Funko Pop collection.
2)  DVDs --- with a picture frame downturned on some, --- a tin "K" sign, another Funko Pop, and a Lego hero.
3)  More DVDs.
4)  TV.  And, to be be completely honest, there are things behind the TV, but let's not discuss them just now.
5)  The pull-out shelf holds coffee table books.

Now, let's make it a little interesting with a little contest, shall we?  A skein of yarn for each correct answer.  You can only win once.  First correct answer in wins.  Deadline for answers is 10 AM (ET) tomorrow.

1)  Three people/characters are represented three different ways in this picture.  Can you name one?  Three people could win here;  each naming one.
Abraham Lincoln: photo on wall, book on pull-out shelf, Lego
Yoda: stuffed (plush), Funko Pop, Mr. PotatoHead
Hershel Greene: action figure, Funko Pop, crocheted doll
2)  Someone looking at this could tell I'm a knitter.  How?  (Skein won by my twinnie Kim.)
3)  How many Disney Funko Pops are there?
Two.  Carl from "Up," and Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty."

Have fun searching!


  1. I spy with my little eye--needles in a jar in the lower right hand corner!

  2. THat was fun! !! Happy Mothers day


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