Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Can't Forsake This One

Yesterday's Ten on Tuesday was "Ten Favorite Desserts."  I can't let that one slide.
1.  Flan.  Any meal, any day.
2.  Sweet potato pie.  Do not try to trick me with pumpkin.  I can tell.
3.  Chess pie.  If it were possible to inhale a pie, I would do it with this kind.
4.  Warm sugar cookies.  In the end, sugar cookies always win the day.
5.  Tres Leches cake.  If you can make a good one, I am in your debt forever.
6.  Caramels.  Little cubes from Kraft.  Just hand me the bag.
7.  Egg custard pie.  There was a cafeteria my family went to a lot when I was growing up that served the best egg custard.  I can still taste it.
8.  Blondies.  Nothing against brownies, but they can be all over the place.  A blondie tastes like a blondie, no matter where you get it.
9.  Cheesecake.  Plain.  No chocolate, no swirls.
10.  Rice pudding.  Absolutely no raisins.

And, the minders of Makers' May want me to show something shiny.  So, here are the balloons from the shindig celebrating my best friend's contributions to her synagogue:


  1. Plain cheesecake FTW! A small spoonful of fruit topping is allowed on occasion, though.



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