Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Things with my children get worse every day.  Thankfully, I have therapy tomorrow.  I'm beginning to buckle under the weight of it all.  Emotionally overwhelmed.

On a much, much, much lighter note --- the new KnitPicks catalog has so many things I would like to have.  How about you?  There are several patterns in the Aura collection that are beautiful, maybe enough to justify buying the book.  They have great new "stuff": mugs and totes (some with feathers!) and shawl pins.  I especially like the look of the new yarn, Paragon:
Creatively and financially overwhelmed.

Working on a cowl/snood with yummy yarn:
Continually overwhelmed that such pretty things can be made from string and two sticks.


  1. Overwhelmed sucks. I hope you have a chance to step back and get yourself back to normalwhelmed. But sometimes it's harder than others. Know I love you, sweetie!

  2. Our knitting is really an amazing thing. IT can be zen like it can be tensefilled for me, but it is always a highpoint of my day. Hugs to you

  3. I'm so sorry that things are getting worse with your kids- as a mom that's just the worst. It'd be hard not to get overwhelmed- just know you can lean on me if you need me. Hugs. PS mom and I got the same catalog and were drooling on it too- so many things!

  4. Kim I cant seem to comment on Saturday's post so I'll post for that here. Im so glad you love that bag!
    My bag usually has my knitting, sunglases, my good camera and phone if I'm not taking a purse!



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