Monday, May 18, 2015


There is so insanely little going on in my life day-to-day, that I struggle with producing blog posts.  Last week, there was all the yelling and chest-clutching and sobbing, which left me completely exhausted, and an easy victim of You-Think-Your-Head-Has-Hurt-Before-Puny-Human-JUST-WAIT.

Today, I've beem able to listen to a couple of nice thunderstorms while knitting.  I'm cleaning up lots of yarn leftovers, making triangles for the bunting at our yarn shop.  I'm also making little pin cushions, which will probably wind up in the etsy store.  Oh, yes, and elephants. Always elephants.

I've been feeling the pull of all kinds of charities lately.  Well, "charities" isn't quite right --- "opportunities to do good/help someone out" is better.  There are, fortunately, or, unfortunately, a lot of ways out there to help.  I'm involving myself in some of them.

Before the rain moved in, a couple of the girls relaxed on the back porch:
Thank you for posing, Erin and Madeleine.


  1. If anyone knows the specifics of relaxation, it's kitty cats!

    Trust me, my life is pretty mundane as well. And that's putting it mildly. :-)

  2. "Always elephants." Quote of the year.

  3. I love a thunderstorm.!!!!!
    I too am knitting mittens for charity. Haven't chosen the charity yet, but I'm knitting with purpose and it feels wonderful.
    Love you!

  4. After a week like you had last week, mundane is probably pretty darned good!



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