Monday, May 11, 2015


. . .have been on 24-hour crisis hotline duty for both of my children the last 4 days.

. . .will not be going to Chicago.

. . .feel a horrifying headache coming on.

. . .stepped on a bee Saturday night.  I'd forgotten what a sting feels like;  it's been forEVer since I've had one.


  1. We will meet someday Kim. Ogh watch those bee stings they are dirty and carry staph . Keep soaking it even if it looks okay.

  2. Email me if you want. My husband is a retired psych nurse who specialized in teens. He may have some words of wisdom for you. (Teens in his in-patient psych ward were almost never actually psychotic, just going through worse-than-normal turbulent teenagehood.)


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