Friday, May 22, 2015


I found a variation on this question online the other day, and thought it would be interesting to see how you would answer.  A couple of my answers follow.

If I've learned anything from knitting, it's. . .

1.  . . .that knitters are among the most generous people on the planet.
2.  . . .that good yarn makes a big difference.
3.  . . .that you never remember what you bought the yarn for.  And when you try to match said yarn to a pattern, you either have too much or not enough.
4,  that bamboo, wood and other "exotic" needles are nice to knit with, but Boye aluminum ones are the best back-scratchers.

I hope you all have a safe, fun holiday, and remember to always


  1. If I've learned anything from knitting its that there are wonderful "strangers" all over the world. And that good needles and yarn make a difference.

  2. If I've learned anything from knitting...
    what a great prompt...
    it is that the best way to receive a knitted gift it so gush over the knitter

  3. The best thing I have learned from knitting is that I can rip out a mistake and fix it. (Unlike life.) Also, that if I have the confidence to do that, it means I am getting better at this knitting thing.

  4. Great answers- I agree! If I've learned anything from knitting, I've learned delayed gratification! (Ex: the project might take awhile but it's worth it... The right yarn might have to be ordered but definitely wait for it... You can't eat cookies and knit without stopping- except when you face plant, and I've learned that too!)
    And, I've learned to value my work enough to be specific about who I'll give something that took me 40 hours to make! I've also learned that once you give it, it's gone so say goodbye first!
    And, I've learned that there is a community out there for me to give and receive from. Knitters really are awesome!



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