Thursday, January 8, 2015


The cold has reached us, and everyone curled up approriately:

Both Briton and Hannah have burst water pipes.  Last I heard, she was trying to get in touch with her landlord, but, apparently, they won't have to move out for repairs or anything.  Briton just called about his;  his next call was to the emergency maintenance crew at the apartment.

Another pair of rain boots --- alligator rubber:
These are the boots I wore on the flight to Philadelphia.  They were on my feet when Shari picked me up and took me to meet Bridget at Rosie's, bringing together two parts of my world that I still have a little bit of trouble believing.


  1. THE DOG! Being exactly as *modest* as is appropriate for a dog.

  2. The animals really know how to deal with the coldness of our drafty house. They too find the blankets, the corners and the radiators to hunker down on and sleep


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