'TIS Here!

My package from Bridget!  It actually arrived yesterday, but several crises were lined up at that time, and it had to wait its turn.

From top to bottom: Tablet
How cute is that?  And quite Bridget-y.

Then: Initial
Lovely, lovely note cards with beautiful purple envelopes.

Last: Seasonal
Look at those little hats!  Could they be any cuter?  They make me want to start decorating for Christmas!

So, thank you to Bridget, and to everyone who participated in 'TIS.  I'm thinking the next group project will the travelling scarf I mentioned a few days back.

There is still a lot of emotional energy being expended over my daughter.  Hopefully, things will level out for her soon, and stay that way.  At least for a while.


  1. awwww great swap for you too!!! love the notepad and the cards and hat

  2. So glad you liked your package - I had fun putting it together, and making the little hats (which are one of my fave things to knit for the holidays!).

    I'm keeping a good thought for Hannah. Hope things go OK.

  3. I hope you do this again next year. Planning a wedding was just about all I could handle!


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