All Call / Checking In

This is a reminder to those of you who signed up for the TIS Swap --- all packages need to be sent by this Saturday, November 15th.

Only a couple of you have sent word that your package is on its way, or that you have received your gifts.  Some have expressed concern that they haven't heard anything from their swap partner.  PLEASE --- if you have received your package, let your spoiler, or me, know.  If you have sent the package, but haven't heard from your spoilee, let me know.  

I know everyone signed up for the swap with goodwill;  let's just all follow through on that.


  1. I have nothing but Thanks for a great swap Kim. Teabird spoiled me!

  2. HEY KAT FERBER! You are incredibly awesome! Thanks for the surprises!

  3. Thanks for hosting a great swap, Kim!!


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