Friday, June 20, 2014


Summer is so here.  And the air conditioner upstairs isn't working.  I'm always downstairs, but Erin and Riley stay up there, and it has to be awful.  I'm doing what I can for them, as service calls for AC repairs are stacked way up.  They don't seem too uncomfortable. . .

For some reason, I've lately become a fan of knitting kits.  I'd never given them much thought in the past, as I've always had a stockpile of yarn and figured I could find something to use for a pattern that caught my eye.  Still, I've admired a few kits recently.  One is this:

That's the Beaubourg pullover, and I'm making it in Manos del Uruguay Maxima Cherrywood:

Last night, I ordered a yarn kit for a pattern I already have.  Let's just hope I remember why, and for what, it was bought when it arrives!

While I wait, I'll enjoy


  1. LOVE that pullover. WIll admire your knitting it up. LOve your color choice.
    No ac….ick. I need it at night only to sleep

  2. Crap...I love this sweater and may need to make one for myself. I'm already making myself Lineal and I rarely knit sweaters!


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