Monday, February 10, 2014

Well. . .

. . . More winter weather is coming our way.  Ice, it would seem, which is multiple-times-over worse than snow.  Lots of schools and businesses are already closing tomorrow and the next day,  though nothing at all is coming down right now.

I had an appointment this morning for a teeth-cleaning, which I got in and out of rather quickly, but only after being told I needed a filling in one of my upper back teeth.  After that, I went to the grocery, and it was nuts.  Everybody is being hyper-reactive.  Me, I just wanted to get my Rice Krispies treats and bananas and come home.  And put on a comfortable shirt:

I do have to get out tomorrow, weather permitting, to go to the endocrinologist.  And then go pick up my birthday cake.  (Yes, I buy my own birthday cake.  I have since Dale died.)  Then I'm done with having to go out for a couple of days.  

Any birthday plans depend on the ice that's supposed to be here then.  Hannah has to work, so it doesn't look like we'll all be able to get together.  

The Skagit cardigan is coming along nicely:
A couple of rows were done at the dentist's, much to the fascination of a lady with me in the waiting room.

Also making good progress on a shawl pattern from shelby knits.  The pebbles and sand colors are coming out so nicely;  I'm very happy with how it looks:

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  1. I love your pebbles and sand color way.
    Happy Birthday no matter from me to YOU!!!



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