Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Very Merry UnBirthday

Today is the 54th birthday I've had, and it has been such an unbirthday-feeling one.  Weather trumps age:

Sleet, sleet and more sleet.  All day.  And still pelting down.  I know it looks like snow, but, trust me, it's solid ice.  Those columns, which would normally give me a place to steady myself as I went down the front steps, are coated.  Not to mention the steps themselves.  Fortunately, I still have power, and none of the big pines around the house have come down.  But this has meant no travel, no visit with, or from, Briton and Hannah.  No one to eat my birthday cake with me:

But, on the other hand, it's been a snow day*, and I got all the cake to myself.

I saved my KnitCrate envelope that arrived the other day
so I'd have something to open today:

Pretty, pretty, pretty merino, silk and possum yarn, raw honey (which tastes heavenly) and chocolate tea.  I have yet to be disappointed in a KnitCrate shipment.

For now, I'm listening to the sleet (although most radars all day have shown Athens as getting snow;  don't know what's up with that), finishing up a disc of "Elementary", and alternating between working on my cardigan and my shawl.  Not all that bad, even if not too birthday-y.

*Even though I stay home most days, somehow, a snow day seems completely different.


  1. Be very careful Twinster. We just finished an ice storm and it is not a very pleasant birthday gift from Mother Nature. Except it makes everything kind of quiet and peaceful, and that combined with cake is a good thing.

  2. Snow is good in winter. Sleet/ice is NEVER good, and should not be allowed.

    Having said that, I'm glad you are safe, warm, and have cake. And I'm glad that you are finding good in your birthday, because birthdays are important since they are all yours. Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  3. Love your cake and your idea to SAVE the yarn for the day! Happy Happy you deserve some peace and JOY this year!

  4. Happy birthday! It's a day late, but still heartfelt. KnitCrate is such a nice idea :-)



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