Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I had to go out today to pick up a couple of prescriptions.  All of my Christmas shopping is done, but I hadn't made my yearly holiday trek to Pier 1.  Don't ask me why, because I don't know exactly, but it has become one of those have-to-do-or-it-will-feel-weird Christmas "traditions."

"Our" Pier 1 has moved to a new location, in a big shopping center just across the road from my pharmacy.  Since I was going to be that close, I decided to go over.  

Now, maybe it's the contrarian in me, but each year, when people are running around, pushing and shoving and heaving deep sighs and being impatient, I intentionally slow down.  And I smile at people a lot.  Go figure.

But today, contrarian or no, the one thought that keep flying through my mind as I made my way around the center was:
"THAT'S the way of parking you're going with?"

You see, there are straight lines between which you are to guide your car.  You needn't leave your tires turned at such an angle that it will take you some time to back out of the space.  There is sufficient room in one space to leave your entire car --- what made you park so quickly that you took up just enough space in the next spot that no one else can park there?


  1. I always have to go to the Garden store nearby for the Holidays. They are outrageously expensive, but i just LOOK

  2. Are you sure you weren't at Wegmans? That's the worst parking lot ever, no matter the time of year. And Pier 1 at Xmas - that's where a 2 year old Carlyn picked up a glass ornament, so pretty and shiny, displayed at 2 year old eye-level at the checkout (how stupid), put it in her mouth and bit...

  3. Add a snow-covered parking lot -- so that the lines are covered -- and suddenly a parking lot that used to hold 120 cars now holds... 3. Because people park anywhere.



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