Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of Play

I've been spending a lot of time on Stumble Upon lately;  having given up the search for a job, there are suddenly open hours.  And, like Pinterest, Stumble Upon is a black hole of diversion --- it was morning when you started, and it's dusk when you look up again.

But it has led me to some nice sites.  Here --- I'll share:

Do It Yourself Kaleidoscope.  (Actually, while you're at the site, go to the home page.  Dozens of cool things.)

The Quiet Place Project.  Terrific, terrific site.  Note the different places you can go, at the bottom of the home page.  I've shed lots of tears, and found encouragement here.)

Footage of a Space Shuttle launch.  From the Space Shuttle.  If you're a space/NASA nerd like me, this is manna from Heaven.  The only audio is the actual sound of liftoff and ascent.  Magnificent.)

Lorette found this, and posted it on facebook. The Colour Clock.  You color theorists will, no doubt, find it entertaining, while we mere mortals just find it soothing and pretty.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes. For me to be able to listen to beach sounds even this briefly calms me.


  1. OH How fun. IM so into the shuttel launches!

    I also would love the last link..headed over there!

  2. The NASA video is mesmerizing! Dang, I just came up here to find a knitting needle, and I got sucked into the internet.



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