Monday, April 8, 2013

This Week

. . .is starting with a pulverizing headache.

. . .is the week of Stitches South in Atlanta.  I'm going --- are any of you?  Is there anything any of you need me to pick up for you while I'm there?

. . .while at Stitches, I may need to buy yarn in "my" color:

. . .has me taking one new medicine and new dosages of two of my "regulars."  My doctor is seriously considering ElectroConvulsive Therapy.  I'm just stuck.  And still can't give you a good reason for me to go on.

. . .will hopefully have Riley getting her feeding tube removed.  She is eating a good bit on her own.


  1. Hate the Taurus colors. These are also my colors as a 'Spring'. I want to be a Scorpio Winter.

  2. That s very good RIley news.

    I would do Electro shock myself...I really would. I ve seen it done to patients, and they barely flutter. ANd I have seen them have great results....BLess you



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