Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Following the lead of my twinster and knitting a Color Affection shawl.  I'm always late to the game on stuff like this Hot-Pattern-of-the-Moment.  But is selling yarn packs for Color Affection, and I thought I'd dive in.  I went with Night Flower, if you're interested.

Heading off to Stitches South tomorrow.  Can't leave until after 4, which will most likely put me 1) in Atlanta 5 o'clock traffic and 2) driving into some strong thunderstorms.  But once I'm there, I'm there, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday stretch out before me.

It's possible I won't spend that much time at the actual Stitches events.  I couldn't sign up for any classes --- too expensive.  So the only place for me to go, really, is the marketplace.  Not that I'm complaining.

Hopefully, these few days away will help me mentally.  My therapist called my trip to Folly Beach last year (last YEAR?) "as good as ElectroShock."  I am in desperate need of a Reset.  Because I am perilously close to hitting the Permanently Off switch.


  1. I like Night flower second best to Ballerina. Good choice! Safe trip!

  2. Color Affection is a really great pattern! I've been eyeballing it too. Did you see the 50% off admission to Stitches South coupon that's been floating around the internet? here's a link
    Hope you have fun!

  3. May the yarns heal and soothe you . May you sit and knit and wander and shop.
    Good for the soul...great for the mind

    Bless ing s on your trip



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