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Bye Month

Seeing February go always makes me a bit sad.  It's a quirky little month, isn't it?  Fewer days than all the other months, every now and then getting an extra one. . .  
February is also our last best hope for Winter. Yes, we've had snow here in March in the past, but, let's face it, with each day that passes, the chance for Real Winter gets slimmer and slimmer.
You see, I don't like Spring.  I dislike Summer very much.  Sunny, chirpy days do nothing for me except make me miss grey, cool-to-cold ones.  Fall and Winter make me feel cozy and they comfort me, and they bring life to my speed.  Spring and Summer are warm-to-boiling and people are rushing around like they will never have another chance to do anything warm-weathery in their lives.
The only plus to Summer in my life is rather Athens-centric.  In Summer here, traffic disappears. And yet, it's sometimes so hot that I don't leave the house anyway.
When you add in that my best friend was born in Febr…


Working very hard not to be envious of my daughter for starting a week-long cruise today. (You all probably know by now that that's her on the right.  The Most Photogenic Person EVER.)
Working sporadically on a sweater my cousin sent me to finish.  It had been started by the mom of a friend who died very suddenly, cast on for the father.  He died unexpectedly just before Christmas last year.  It isn't complicated --- a ribbed-and-cabled V-neck, but I'm having a difficult time with it.  I can't explain why, but it just isn't fitting my hands.  Does that make any sense?
Colt, a service dog I was lucky enough to name for ECAD, has found his working home:
I also named his brother, Cherokee, who has been paired with a family, and even went to DisneyWorld!

Chewy Influencer, Still February

This variety pack of wet cat food was my other product this month.  If you've read any of my Influencer posts in the past, you know that my cats will heartily consume just about any food set before them.  There wasn't any reason to think this brand would be any different.
It may very well be that Riley and Erin (and Madeleine;  she sneaks bites when I'm not looking) have become used to / spoiled by the Weruva from a while back.  Or maybe they wouldn't have been crazy about this anyway.  But they just haven't taken to any of these flavors.  A bite or two, perhaps, but not a cleaned dish.  
Though I will still try other brands of cat foods, if they are offered, in the future, I suspect that Weruva will be our go-to from now on.  Sorry, I and Love and You. . . allows me to try products each month for free, in exchange for my honest reviews.  No money is exchanged.

Chewy Influencer, February

Rupert is proving to be hard to please when it comes to trying products from  This month, I asked to give Whimzees treats a chance. He likes rib bones, so I thought these stick shapes might interest him more than other snacks.  He sniffed at each of the three "flavors," spending a little more time on the natural-colored one than the others.  Still, though, he never actually chewed one.
I'm going to continue making them available to him --- maybe he'll change his mind yet.  For now, though, I'm sorry to say these were a no-go.

Each month, gives me an opportunity to request and try products.  I promise to provide honest reviews of the products.  There is no money involved on either end.


When I got the notion to try a "Classic" version of Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick, I didn't have a clear idea of who might win the women's edition.  I was fairly sure, though, that Cary Grant would win among the men.  Just a hunch.  I would have been able to use this photograph, which, if you ask me, is heart-stopping.

If not Cary Grant, then probably Paul Newman, I thought.  It's still overwhelming that pictures of the two of them together exist.

Rickman never occurred to me.  I still don't think of him as "gone," maybe.  When he was nominated, though, I suspected he'd win.  There's a bit of loop-closing there --- first KH, first two-time KH winner, first KH Classic.

Katharine Hepburn's victory makes me very happy.  As I say, I nominated her myself.  Hannah's middle name is "Katharine," for her, and we are very hard on that "a"-not-"e" thing.  I know that we probably shouldn't worship …

Large and Small

The first Knitters' Chick Classic, and winner by a large margin: Katharine Hepburn.
The first Knitters' Hunk Classic, by the margin he indicates, is Alan Rickman.
Thanks to all of you for getting involved --- nominating and then voting.  Congratulations to Amanda, for nominating both winners.  (I also nominated Hepburn, but will forego sending myself any prizes.)  Several people nominated the runners-up, and will be receiving second place prizes: Jorene (my cousin!) and Grace nominated James Garner.  Jorene (still my cousin!), Lora and Vicki nominated Grace Kelly.  Everyone watch their mail!

The Semifinals

We're here!

Seven people are still eligible to win based on their nominees for KC Classic and six for KH Classic --- and a lot of the same people are left in both.  It might be an interesting set of prize-awarding decisions.

Anyway, you can vote now.
KH Classic Semifinal 1

KC Classic Semifinal 1
KH Classic Semifinal 2
KC Classic Semifinal 2


One more time.  Elizabeth Zimmerman vs. Carrie Fisher.  If there isn't a winner, they'll both be put up against the semifinalist in their half of the bracket.
KC Classic Tiebreaker 4

The other semifinalists are James Garner, Alan Rickman, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Filling Out the Final Four

Since she's no longer in the contest, I may share this photo of Natasha Richardson (and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave).
That's one of the best pictures I've come across in this, or any other, KH or KC contest.
What is it about Elizabeth Zimmerman?  She keeps winding up in ties!  Let's try again to get either her or Carrie Fisher into the Semifinals, shall we?

KC Classic Tiebreaker 3

KH Classic 33KC Classic 24KH Classic 34KC Classic 25
The winners here will join Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and David Bowie as semifinalists.

Things Are Getting Serious Now. But First. . .

Since they are no longer in the draw, and their knitting won't unduly influence votes, let us celebrate the craftiness of these women. Lovely Ingrid Bergman.
Busy Lucille Ball.
Ravishing Ava Gardner.  (Slightly biased, I admit.)

We're hurtling toward the Semifinals.  If your nominee(s) remains, you have a chance at the prizes. Whom do you want to send to the Semis first?

KC Classic 22

KH Classic 31

KC Classic 23

KH 32

The Last Twenty-Nine

Going into the rounds of 16, that should read the last 32, but ties aren't yet settled, so. . .
Here are the Knitters' Chick Classic nominees left in the draw: Lucille Ball Carrie Fisher Ava Gardner Althea Gibson Audrey Hepburn Katharine Hepburn Grace Kelly Mary Tyler Moore Beatrix Potter Gilda Radner Debbie Reynolds Eleanor Roosevelt Dusty Springfield
And these are the Knitters' Hunk Classic nominees still around: David Bowie Gary Cooper Glenn Frey James Gandolfini James Garner Cary Grant John F. Kennedy Heath Ledger Abraham Lincoln Freddie Mercury Paul Newman Gregory Peck Alan Rickman Fred Rogers James Stewart Gene Wilder
How are you enjoying the Classics?  Should it become part of the KH / KC regular calendar rotation?

Trying To Get There

Today was supposed to be the beginning of the rounds of 16, but. . .  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  We will get there, though.  First, a tiebreaker.  Second, since there were a couple of attempts at a different tiebreaker, let's just put both of the tie-ers up against the person who's been waiting for one of them.  Or this could go on forrrrrever.

KC Tiebreaker 2KC Classic 14

In searching for photographs, I'm finding that many of our KC nominees were knitters.  I've previously shared the knitting pictures of Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Zimmerman, and here are a couple more.  First, Greer Garson, who could easily win a contest for "Most Fabulous Knitter."
Second, Rosalind Russell, also fairly fabulous;  knitting in dress gloves!

Next Step

No, now, don't look down.  You're doing great.  Eyes straight ahead.  Stay focused on the task at hand.  No, you're not panic-hallucinating --- you have voted on the first pair before.  We just need to break a tie.  Deep breath. . .
KH Tiebreaker 1
KH Classic 14

KC Classic 9

KH Classic 15

KC CLassic 10

KH Classic 16

KC Classic 10

KH Classic 17 Winning yesterday: Heath Ledger, Freddie Mercury, Althea Gibson, Katharine Hepburn, Fred Rogers, Gregory Peck.  Still tied: Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Zimmerman.  We'll try yet again to break that tie.

Something Here Might Look Familiar

As it should, actually, because there is a tie to break.
KC Classic Tiebreaker #1
(And, yes, I realize it's a photo of Natalie Wood as a little girl, but look --- she's knitting, just like Elizabeth.  And there isn't a deep well of EZ photos from which to draw.)

Yesterday's winners: Jim Henson, Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner, James Stewart, Gilda Radner, James Gandolfini, Paul Newman.

Now on to new business.

KH Classic 10
KH Classic 11
(The search for this pair's photos . . .  Random draw, you're killin' me.  There is, however, wonderful poetry in Sagan being aligned with Mercury.)
KC Classic 7

KC Classic 8

KH Classic 12

KH Classic 13

In case you haven't looked back for yourself, know that Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, Richard Burton, and Robert Kennedy were your first victors.

Rare, Precious, Beautiful

Vicki at knitorious posted something wonderful the other day.  It's the idea of the Rare Stitch as reminder of those among us who suffer from rare diseases and conditions.  I read her words as I was finishing my "Sweet Little Nothing" sweater,


It's a wee bit hard to see in amongst the tweed, but that little pink duplicate stitch will rest just over my heart.  I am going to try and remember to do this on all my finished items from now on, and encourage you to do the same.

Thank you, Vicki.

Day Dos

The winners from the First Day of Voting in the First KH / KC Classics Contests will be announced later.  Time to get these choices posted before I go to bed, and the polls from Day One close.  Also, is being extremely uncooperative with my choices for poll style;  sorry that there are all sorts of backgrounds here.
Next up: KH Classic 5

KC Classic 4 KH Classic 6 KC Classic 5

KH Classic 7 KC Classic 6

KH Classic 8

KH Classic 9

Well, Here It Is

The first day in a long string of days where I don't have a single thing to do.  No errands, no taxi service, my day to spend my way.
The promise of such freedom manifested itself in the inability to sleep last night.  This habit I've developed lately of staying awake all night every so often is a little maddening, and utterly unexplained.  Last night, though, I put the wakefulness to good use, knitting, reading, and thinning out knitting patterns.  By the time I began getting sleepy, it was almost time to feed the cats and give Madeleine her insulin. "Do what?"
So, into bed at 7:30 AM, to awaken at 2:20 PM.  Fine, though.  My day, remember?  With the Super Bowl and THE episode of "This Is Us" on the schedule for tonight, these hours are being spent with more knitting, DVDs, firming up the KH / KC Classic fields, and generally loving the fact that I can laze in comfortable clothes.
Classics voting starts tomorrow.  The top seeds are: Carrie Fisher Grace Kel…

This Is Interesting

The top seed for Knitters' Hunk Classic is
the top seed for Knitters' Chick Classic is
Cary and Carrie.

It's My Contest, And I'll Change If I Want To

The nominations for Classic KH and KC have been, as per nominations for "regular" KH and KC, brilliant.  You do have until 11:59 PM (ET) tonight to nominate if you haven't, or edit your choices if you have.
On the latter point, I'm going to withdraw one of my initial nominees.  Elizabeth Keckley is too obscure, I feel.  I'm not yet sure who her replacement will be, but she will be chosen before tonight's deadline.
I'm looking forward to filling out the brackets.  Keep sending in those names!

I'll Tell You Mine If. . .

Some interesting and wonderful nominees for this new KH / KC have already come in via Facebook.  If you haven't told me there, please let me know your nominees in the comments section here.
As for me: Knitters' Chick Katharine Hepburn Elizabeth Keckley (off to Google you go, I imagine) Diana, Princess of Wales
Knitters' Hunk John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Edited to add: Abraham Lincoln
Edited to add: Robert Kennedy
The last two for my KH are yet to be decided, but I promise to have them by tomorrow night's deadline!