Chewy Influencer, February

Rupert is proving to be hard to please when it comes to trying products from  This month, I asked to give Whimzees treats a chance.
He likes rib bones, so I thought these stick shapes might interest him more than other snacks.  He sniffed at each of the three "flavors," spending a little more time on the natural-colored one than the others.  Still, though, he never actually chewed one.

I'm going to continue making them available to him --- maybe he'll change his mind yet.  For now, though, I'm sorry to say these were a no-go.

Each month, gives me an opportunity to request and try products.  I promise to provide honest reviews of the products.  There is no money involved on either end.


  1. Well it is great to see you get to try these treats first before spending. I dont think there was a treat Huck did not like!! He loved to eat.


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