Without Refining My Taste Buds (Wednesday Fare)

Food has been a topic here before.  Now it shall be again.

If you have a weak tummy, don't read past the photo.

Am I the only person who goes through runs of deeply craving certain foods?  Right now, I'm all about Blondies.  With loads and loads of pecans, preferably.   (Practically any baked sweet is better, in my mind, with loads and loads of pecans.  Ice cream, too.)

The issue with my Blondie craving is that I currently have no way to bake them for myself.  They are difficult to find in stores, if you didn't know that.  However, I do have a bag of pecans on hand, so I can eat those, at least.

(Photo from breadboozebacon.com)

The problem there, though, is if I eat them and do figure out a way to bake Blondies, I'll have lots fewer pecans to add.

I'm not a particularly picky eater, but there are things I will never eat.  On that list: liver (I didn't write it that way, but please read it in all caps), turnips, kale, melons, radishes, marshmallows, cucumbers, meringue, beets (unless they're pickled). I've tried lots of things that are weird, but it's unlikely I'll ever run into them again, so they don't go on the list.  My father was awful about this.  He'd bring something home --- usually from a horse show --- and tell me I ought to try it: "It's good!"  I bite into the sandwich (or whatever), kind of nod, and he tells me it's barbecued raccoon.  Or goat.  Or brains.  Or tongue.  (Chitlins I recognized in time to vehemently refuse.)

If I go to a restaurant, I'm likely to find something (if not many things) to eat.  Still, one of the very best things Google can do is allow you to look up a menu before you go to any given place.  There's nothing left to chance.


Kim in Oregon said…
I can eat chopped liver but I can't eat braunschweiger (sp?) --that cold cut known as liver sausage. And I can't eat tongue, at least not while I'm looking at it. I'm trying to think of something else that I just can not eat. Lamb--can't eat that but mostly because I see the lamb's face. I also can no longer eat mussels and clams and oysters. I also can't eat kimchi and saurkraut (sp?).

I don't like kale (or any of those greens that aren't lettuce) and I don't like beets but can choke one down.

I love me some turnips, melon, radishes, and cucumbers, and I'm trying to figure out what marshmellows and meringue have done to offend you.

Bridget said…
My parents used to love liver and onions. Even the smell of it cooking makes me gag.

I don't eat meat now, but when I did, I was never one for any of the organ foods, I though they were incredibly gross. And I love most fruits and vegetables, always have. I have some that are not my first choice, but there are very few I avoid altogether.

But to your original food mention, pecans are the best!
Delighted Hands said…
Thanks for the chuckle! I used to be a very picky eater as a child and then as a young adult learned to appreciate so many foods! My problem now is that I don't have an appetite. I definitely have cravings...right now I only want to eat dark chocolate from the fridge but I am told it isn't sufficient for a healthy diet....What do they know?!
kmkat said…
I am with you on liver, also braunschweiger. Baked beans, yuk. Otherwise, I am an omnivore.

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