Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Yeah, Still On That

I think the horse in the video is facing us, but maybe not.  Honestly, in this at least, I appreciate the uncertainty.  It's not like one of those illusions that, once you see the two women's profiles you don't see the goblet anymore.  You can look at the video and go back and forth and back again.  That's entertaining.

Today's the day Dale died.  Even 24 (!) years later, I'm not sure we've ever handled the anniversary really well.  We all know what day it is, and we all think about it, but we don't necessarily get in touch with one another or have a "formal" remembrance.  It's tough for Hannah because she now forever links it with her birthday, which is in ten days.  Links it to the birthday or links the birthday to it.  Either way.  And what do you do with that?  I was determined that the birthday party we'd planned the year that he died go on, 'cause I thought A) we needed something fun and B) I thought it was important to show her --- and Briton --- that normal life can go on.

Knitting is rather languishing just now.  I'm reading and working puzzles (jigsaw and crossword) mostly.  Oh, and coloring.  I love to color.


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Kim in Oregon said...

Thinking of you. Anniversaries are hard.

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