Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Numbers and Displeasings

Wow --- according to blogger.com, that last post was my 2000th!  And that unlikely figure puts me in a contest* state of mind.  Give me time to think about it, though, as I got the news literally less than one minute ago.

I had come here to show the latest in puzzles completions.

I  will definitely secure and hang the spectrum feathers but am unsure about Baby Yoda.  (Yes, I know he has a name, and I know what that name is, it just displeases me is all.)  

I've had to break out sandals, as it's at or perilously close to 100 degrees here all week.  This also displeases me.  First, I'm not a fan of my feet.  Well, except for the arches.  I have high, gracefully swooping arches.  Second, this signals the true end of boot-wearing season, save for the occasional breaking out of rain boots.  Sad, really,

Not a whole lot else.  Hannah's birthday is at the end of the week.  Briton and I are going to see her Sunday.  She will be 30, which is as hard, if not harder, to believe than the 2000 posts thing.

*I am in receipt of donated prizes for Knitters' Companion, and they are wonderful.  They must be kept secret, you understand, but whoever receives them is in for a genuine treat.


Kim in Oregon said...

There is a note with the third box (that is not there yet) which instructs you to keep one of the three. I HATE THE USPS. I am way into charm things.

Kim in Oregon said...

And I'm remembering that Hannah's birthday is the same day as my anniversary, so much to celebrate (except we're not really celebrating the anniversary any longer, for no good reason).

Bridget said...

Baby Yoda will always be Baby Yoda because his "real" name is just stupid. Just like summer is stupid. That is all. ;-)

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