Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Not for Tender Tummies

Tap is a chewer.  He always has been.  I cannot keep this dog in Dingo Goofballs.  (This is how Goofballs go in our house:  he chews off all of the red strips he can, then brings the ball to me, and I untangle it.  He then chews the long strips. It's our thing.)

At any rate, those of you with dogs know that there are all kinds of things you can buy for chewers: rawhide, jerky, cow hooves (filled and unfilled), various antlers, bones (real and synthetic), and an assortment of dried, smoked or otherwise preserved animal parts.  Ears, snouts (no, thank you), ears, trachea, kneecaps. etc.  I'm not too terribly squeamish about this type of thing (except the snouts), but the other day at PetSmart, I picked up what looked like any ordinary rolled rawhide or tendon, and could not put it down fast enough.  It was a "bladder stick."

First, who thinks of this?

Second, eew, eew, eew, eeeewwwww.


  1. Think of this as Puppy Haggis. Does that help? No?

  2. Sigh. For the longest time, I didn't know what a Bully Stick was. Then I found out. Um, just no.

  3. As weird as this sounds, I wish cats chewed on bones. I used to watch Huck enjoy a good bone and it was relaxing to me.

  4. I have a new survey up if you are interested!


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