Thursday, May 9, 2019

Little by Little

Knowing that I will one day leave this house, I am forever packing up boxes of things I want to take with me.  This week, the work has been in Briton's closet.  That's where, for all these years, the baby clothes of his and Hannah's that I'm saving have been kept.  Going through them has been such fun, and so sweet, and has stirred all kinds of memories.  How were they ever that small?

In amongst the onesies and 101 Dalmatians dresses (Hannah had a LOT of 101 Dalmatians clothes), I found some handknits.

I clearly remember knitting this;  I was pregnant with Briton.  We didn't know for sure whether we were having a boy or a girl, and I thought the color and pattern would work for either.  I know Briton wore it, but I don't remember Hannah ever putting it on.

This would have been made for Hannah.  See, I've always been a sucker for speckled yarn.

These are the same pattern and the same size, though it looks like my mother made the green one.  I definitely knit the purple, but the buttons on the other one look like something she would have had.

I know my mother made this.  Firstly, I'm not too much a fan of working basketweave stitch.  Second, she must have had a ton of this yarn, 'cause she made me a sweater and a shawl with the same.
This is most definitely Mama's work.

This is mine.  I had enough of this to make myself a vest, and I recall working with it.  This sweater does have a second sleeve, but I moved it so you could see the cool asymmetrical front.

  I'm sure Hannah felt oh-so-cool and avant-garde when she wore this.

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  1. Wow Kim. I had no time or energy for knitting when mine were babies. YOU are amazing. What are you doing with them? I hope you are keeping them for ? grands one day . Yarn was different then though. As I recall it was all a bit scratchy. How soft are they?


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