Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fits and Starts

Do any of you ever have extended periods of food cravings?  I'm on a grapes-and-cheese binge.  In fact, I'm sitting here right now with red grapes, sharp white cheddar and pecan Nut-Thins.  Rupert is asleep to my left, Riley is on my right getting little bites of cheese as I go.

I'm afraid I might run out of yarn on the sweater my cousin asked me to finish.  It doesn't quite add up that having to do all the ribbing in the main color would make that much difference, but it might.  I've frogged and re-cast-on the front trying to save yardage, but still may not get there.


  1. Oh I TOTALLY do food cravings. All the time! Im on a pineapple binge. Oh and those veggie chips. I love them. Hope you win yarn chicken!!!!

  2. Totally with you two on food cravings. A while ago it was ginger snaps. Now it is bagel crackers.

  3. I have food cravings too - I'll devour certain things for months and then afterwards, they seem kinda meh to me.



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