Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sorta Hangin' Around

The first socklet is done.  This is a pattern I have had forever;  I don't know where it came from.  It's on pages torn from a book, but that's not very helpful.  I always have to remember to go down a couple of needle sizes from what's called for in the pattern, unless the socks are going to be worn by someone with bigger feet than my 9s.  The pattern's simple, and the end results have never let me down.

There's still snow around town. This house faces almost due north, so there's always snow / ice on part of the front yard, on the sidewalk, and on the front of the roof a couple of days after it's gone everywhere else.  There's also always a patch of frozen stuff right in front of the garage;  I've fishtailed backing out of there more than once in all the years I've been here.

Haircut tomorrow, then grocery store, then to see "Star Wars" with Daughter.  I can take or leave seeing it, but she's seen it once and is really eager to see it again.  It's an opportunity to spend some time with her, which must be grabbed.  They don't come along too often.


  1. Love the socklets. Could the Sanderson Sisters pattern on Ravelry be the pattern? (It's here I'd like to try it esp. if it's never let you down! Does yours have an afterthought heel?

  2. I too love your socklets. Darling . Yes we must seize the opportunity to be with family whether the outing is something we plan or the other does. We can be surprised. I hope you end up liking the movie.

  3. Very cute and colorful socklets!!



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