Saturday, October 7, 2017

How Do I Put This

Warning: plenty of euphemisms ahead.

Doing laundry last night, I heard the awful sound of water backing up into my bathtub.  Only it wasn't just the bathtub in trouble --- the toilet was clogged, too.

It hurt like Hell to use the plunger, so I went to bed, to deal with it today.  Except, during the night, the souped-up Aleve I was given for the ribs decided to, um, attack my plumbing.

After feeding the cats this morning, there was a trip to Kroger for drain uncloggers.  And all day, it's been my pipes against the bathroom pipes.  They have won, and I will fight again tomorrow.  Maybe.  The pain, it gnaws.


  1. Oh my goodness. NOT good. You need to heal !! So sorry for the aggravation of it all

  2. Have mercy! That's plain awful. So sorry!!!

  3. Oh dear. I hope things improve in all ways soon.

  4. Poor baby! I will email you my husband, who can deal with any emergency.



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