Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sights to Behold

I've been behind corrective lenses since I was 10.  Although I don't recall what originally sent me to the eye doctor, I have a vivid recollection of the "glasses" I had to wear after having my pupils dilated for the exam.
They were made from what felt like photo film, and I'm sure I wore them longer than I needed because I thought they were groovy.

Hey, it was 1970 --- cut me some slack.

When I turned 18, I bought myself contacts.  Of course, there have always been glasses, and, for the last several years, I forsook my contacts because, really --- where was I going to go that needed me to be cute and eye-makeup-y?

Long story short, I'm back in contacts some of the time.  The week before last, after a long time with what I thought were glasses and eyesight troubles, I had an eye exam.  No need to change my glasses, but I do have extremely dry eyes.  So, eye drops for me, and while I was there, why not some contacts, too?  I'd budgeted for glasses, and contacts were much, much cheaper.  I do have to have readers when I wear them for reading or close work, but that's no big deal.  A trip to Dollar Tree and it was done.  The best part?  Getting to wear sunglasses when driving.  Driving with "regular" glasses can give me ferocious headaches.

I decided to go through my mother's wallet yesterday and found a nice collection of photos.  Especially of Briton and Hannah.  For reference, this is them sort of now
and this is them in a photo Mama carried

Although we all adore them, that rabbit seems singularly unimpressed.


  1. Snazzy glasses lady. Contact lenses. Good for you!
    Those photos of the kids are priceless. I gave mom a very small photo of Al and zach last night and I thought she was going to kiss it, but she tried to eat it. Oh well! She laughed during parts of the visit!

  2. So you WERE always cool ... ;-)

    OMG that photo - you're right though, the bunny just doesn't care. It's like he's Honey Badger.

  3. Groovy - lol. Geeze, I wish I could wear contacts, but they never worked for me. That bunny is trying to ESCAPE!!!



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