Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kim Would Like To Thank. . .

. . .Every nominator.  You gave us terrific fields in both KH and KC.

. . .Every voter, for taking the time to look, think, and propel the contests forward.

. . .The voters who participated until the very end.  Scores of people disengage once their nominees are gone.  Thank you to all who stick with it.

. . .Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, for having, perhaps, the dreamiest portfolio of photos of any nominee.

. . .Camille, Kim and Lorette for donating beautiful yarn prizes.

. . .Neil Gaiman, for wearing a baseball cap on a day there were photographers present.

. . --- the contests would be impossible without it.

. . .These fellows, for reminding us that Hunks have been around for a good while:


  1. Thank you for giving us so much eye candy!

  2. Thanks for the contest AND for that picture of Gable and Grant. Don't you wish you knew what they were looking at?

    1. You are welcome, and, yes --- I wish that very much!

    2. You are welcome, and, yes --- I wish that very much!

  3. and big big thanks to you KIM . Each year we enjoy, fight for the prizes and relish the time to vote!

  4. I look forward to this every year!

  5. Your contest is the highlight of my year- I just love it. And you. And the Hunks. And Chicks. Thank you!!!


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