Saturday, May 21, 2016

Makers' May. Day 21.

It's a gray day here.  The animals and I are fighting over couch space.  I think that they have developed a highly organized, sophisticated plan to deny me use of any part of it.  They have banded together despite their species difference against the common enemy, The Human.  I struggle  for a seat, and am granted one only long enough to answer the next MM question.  They demand chicken- and pork-flavored treats in return.

What gets you excited about your work?


I'm definitely a process knitter, rather than a product one.  The physical process of knitting is what I enjoy.  The feel of the yarn, the satisfaction of getting through lace repeats without screwing up, the motion of the needles, and the still hard-to-believe idea that an entire garment can be made with two sticks and what amounts to one long piece of string.


  1. The knitting process is amazing, isn't it? And so is that yarny video. How'd you do that?

  2. I stared at that for minutes at a time and I STILL cannot figure out how it works. The center point never changes.



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