Friday, November 6, 2015


Well, there's only one guess on the Travelling Scarf's yarn changes so far.  Until a few more are in, I'll hold off on calling the guesses "hot" or "cold."

My son had his first very serious car wreck Wednesday night.  He is well physically, but awfully, awfully shaken up.  The other driver was at fault --- he turned left into Briton's path, and Briton slammed into his car's passenger side.  His (Briton's) airbags deployed, so it was that violent a hit.  I haven't seen his car, but he says the front is "crunched up."  He's waiting on an insurance adjuster to go take a look at the car, get back to him, and help him know what step to take next.

There's been a lot of guilt and fright and freaking out and attempts at calming down over the last couple of days.  He hasn't been scared to drive again, which is good.  He's using my car until his is repaired or replaced.  Since I scarcely ever have places to go, it isn't a big inconvenience for me.

Speaking of things that don't happen very often, Erin came out the other day, and stayed out long enough for me to take her picture.  She is almost always hiding away somewhere.  I've always thought her fur looks like grey velvet, and her eyes are the color of Granny Smith apples.


  1. Blessings to the son and the mother. Thanking God he was not hurt. Accidents are such a pain!

  2. So glad Briton is ok and hope he handles this well!

  3. Glad Briton is doing OK. Those things are the worst.

    Erin reminds me of Jetsam - and looks as sweet!



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