Saturday, June 7, 2014


Evidently, this is my 400th post here.  Historic?  Nah.  Just interesting.

This flower is known as the Hoary Pucoon.  I didn't know it existed until yesterday, when the good Kathy, who is matching me day by day with interesting words, brought it to my attention.  The name sounds like a Shakespearean insult, don't you think?

If you are looking for history, this was your guy today:
Triple Crowns are brutal affairs;  the Derby and Preakness winners are often so tired by the time Belmont (the longest TC race) rolls around that they just can't go that distance.  With one other-worldly exception.
Secretariat won the Belmont by thirty-one lengths.  And was still pulling away at the end.

The perfect lead-in to today's Favorite Word.



  1. ...and that makes me think of poltroon, which no horse ever will be.


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