Boogity, Boogity, Let's Get This Thing Started!

Nominations for our Fifth Knitters' Hunk and our First Knitters' Chick are officially open.  And in the interest of complete transparency, I will tell you mine:

Craig Ferguson
Barry Gibb
Martin Sheen

Rashida Jones
Rachel Maddow
Olivia Wilde

Your turn!  Leave your nominees in the Comments section through Monday night, August 6th at 11:59 pm (Eastern).

And in the meantime, our current KH will be musing over the last days of his reign:


Bridget said…
I nominate:

Jon Hamm
Denzel Washington
Paul Rudd


Rashida Jones (even though you beat me to it!)
Sophia Vergara
Meryl Streep
kathy b said…
Penelope Cruz

(Is this crazy? I think Rowdy Gains is adorable)

I Will add more later
kathy b said…
oh wait, Rob LOWE
kathy b said…
Chris Hemsworth Please
kathy b said…
last one

PHILLIP SWEET from little big town
he's so cute in PONTOON video/song
Briana said…
Liam Neeson
Charles Kelley
Rowan Atkinson


Sofia Vergara
Karen Gillan
Gillian Anderson
Anonymous said…
Let's see. Hmmmmm. Who should I nominate.
1. Mike Rowe
2. Mr. Rowe
3. Michael Rowe

I have to think on the Babes.
Anonymous said…
I like the way dropstitch knitter thinks.

I think for this year, I am going to stick with my nerd boys:
David Tennant
John Barrowman
Nathan Fillion

Strangely, I think the chicks are harder!
Mindy Kaling
Maura Tierney
Can we nominate the deceased? Because man, it would've been awesome to knit with Eleanor Roosevelt.
Marin (AntiM) said…
Kristen Bell (and if she wins with Craig Ferguson, we can have the best knitting entertainment ever)
Matt Bomer, so beautiful.
camille said…
Everyone has such excellent taste in hunks and hunkettes
Chris said…
Stephen Colbert
shspark said…
I'm so torn. Go with old faves? Start to branch out? Retro? Young 'uns?

So here it is - with annotations:
1. Jimmy Fallon. I'm an unabashed Fal Pal. This year, I'm sending you the pic because I want to make sure everyone sees him in his very cutest light
2. Jon Stewart - can't get enough.
3. My new entry - Jeff Daniels. Well, really, Will McAvoy, because I'm loving that character to death on The Newsroom!

Ladies? I'll be back to you on that one.
Lorette said…
Here we go!

Idris Elba
Benedict Cumberbatch
Patrick Stewart

Babes? I'm going to have to think on that one a bit.
Lorette said…
OK, babes. This was a bit more difficult.

Maggie Smith. Not a glamorous babe, but wickedly funny, I'd like to have tea with her.
Meryl Streep, quite possibly the best actress of our time.
Christina Hendricks, because I had to pick at least one "babe" babe.

And I'd pick Eleanor Roosevelt, too, if dead women were allowed.
Kim in Oregon said…
OK. Why didn't I know this had opened? Why am I having so many problems posting comments? Why why why why why?
So mine are:
1. Alexander Skarsgard with the little dottie thing.
2. Adrian Grenier
3. Richard Gere
Elaine said…
I need to jump on this crazy train.

Tom Hiddleston
Simon Pegg
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Do they have to be still living? If no - Dorothy Parker
Mayim Bialik
Ryan Gosling...just kidding, how about Dita Von Teese
Unknown said…
I NOMinate

Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead


Josh Server from All That!
Unknown said…
For babes I have to enter Haley Williams from Paramore
tennismom said…
Adrian Quinn
Nathan Fillion
Sean Bean
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip, LibrarySarie :) I played this the first year Alan Rickman won, and forgot all about it until a few days ago, and then forgot all about it until I was catching up on Sarah's bloglines lol. So fun!

For the hunks:
1.) Daniel Craig
2.) Roger Federer
3.) Ewan McGregor

(I *may* have a type lol)

For the chicks:

1.) Evangeline Lily
2.) Cate Blanchett
3.) Kerry Walsh Jennings
Anonymous said…
I nominate President Obama, George Clooney & Eric McCormick
Anonymous said…
Can I change mine? to President Obama, Neil deGrasse Tyson & Colin Firth
KSD said…
Very sorry to turn nominees away, but the process was closed Monday night, August 6th, at 11:59 pm. I do hope you'll stay involved and vote, though!!
Briana said…
I was scared maybe I dreamed it so I went and found my post. But I did say Liam. Lol. At least I'm not crazy!

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